Utilities Inspection

Application Overview

The electric power industry is one of the important components of national economy. It transforms the energy provided by nature into the electric energy used directly by people, and provides the indispensable power for modern industry, modern agriculture, modern science and technology and national defense. At the same time, it is also an important source of power in people's daily life. As a new inspection platform for overhead transmission line, drone equipped with various kinds of inspection devices is widely used to greatly reduce the manpower input, and to realize quick, accurate and safe transmission line inspection without power interruption.

Application Scenarios

Transmission Line Corridors Real-time Surveillance

Using drone to carry EO/IR gimbal camera to perform real-time video surveillance for transmission line corridors to detect abnormal conditions within corridors including illegal construction and people, fire, smoke, etc. The drone transfers the video stream back to ground operators, providing on-site condition and position support for man-machine defense system. The drone inspection system cooperates with field operation crew. When abnormal conditions are detected, the problem information can be immediately transmitted to the nearby operator, and the problem site can be continuously tracked and recorded.

Transmission Line Corridors 2D/3D Mapping

Utilizing drone to perform 2D and 3D photography mapping along with corridors to acquire high-resolution images. Through automatic modeling and remote sensing technology, combined with transmission corridor information resources, the visualization of transmission corridor query and browsing is realized. Fully display the achievements of transmission corridor infrastructure construction to provide basic geographic information for the in-depth construction of transmission corridor.

Transmission Line Corridors LiDAR Survey

Using airborne LiDAR sensor to quickly acquire high-precision 3D spatial information and high-resolution images, efficiently and intelligently display the ground, vegetation, tower, wire and other 3D characteristics in the transmission corridors. Based on the 3D point cloud data model, the high-precision and real-time measurement of line crossing height, tree height, room height and distance between line and surrounding ground object space can be easily realized.

Transmission Line Corridors Vegetation Inspection

Different objects in the transmission corridor have different reflection abilities in different spectral bands, the transmission corridor is photographed by the drone carrying multispectral sensors, so as to obtain the distribution overview map of vegetation and other objects in the transmission corridor. Combined with 3D LiDAR point cloud data and growth cycle data of different vegetation, the influence trend of future vegetation growth in different risk areas in the transmission corridor is predicted, so as to avoid forest fire or power failure caused by tree barriers in advance.

Application Cases