In order to accurately understand user needs and reflect the advantages of products and services, JOUAV has established industry divisions for different application scenarios.  Discover our cutting-edge products and optimize your workflow with ease.
Aerial Mapping & Surveying
Are you looking to add drones to your surveying services? Here is everything that you need to know about drone surveying.
Security & Surveillance
In this article, you will learn the benefits you can see with security drones, how to use drones for security surveillance, and more.
Mining & Aggregates
Find out how mines and quarries use mine drones to increase productivity, maintain safety standards, and reduce operational costs.
Oil & Gas
Let's take a look at how drone technology has taken the entire nature of the oil and gas industry to a much higher level.
Drone in Construction: Benefits, Applications, and Use Cases
A beginner's guide to the benefits and uses of drones in construction site inspection, monitoring, surveillance, surveying and safety.
Power Line Inspection
Drones are an attractive alternative for power line inspection. but what are the benefits, outputs, and applications? Let's explore more.
5G Networking
5G networked drones, replacing the drone's self-built communication link through 5G cellular network, realizing remote control of the aircraft and operation data transmission.
Emergency Response
Explore how JOUAV emergency drones are used in disaster response efforts, providing faster and more efficient assistance in crisis situations.
Smart City
Digital Earth and Smart Earth put forward the slogan for efficient application of resources and environment. The construction of smart cities require drone remote sensing technology to obtain surface data in a short period of time.
The UAV remote sensing system has the advantages of low cost, high safety, high maneuverability, high precision, and diversified payloads, which makes its application in the field of environmental protection unique advantages.
Traffic Inspection
Using UAV system can improve the operational monitoring capabilities of the road transportation industry, can enhance the industry’s collaborative law enforcement capabilities.
Water Resources
"Smart water resources" needs to rely on modern technical means to establish a basic water resources information perception system, improve the support system, promote the fine management of integrated water resources.