The CW series Aeromagnetic Surveying System takes the lead in introducing the latest generation of high-precision micro-rubidium magnetometer, which integrates a high-precision fluxgate tri-axial magnetometer, GPS, laser altimeter, 9-axis attitude sensor, and barometric altimeter. Using self-developed patented fixed-wing aeromagnetic compensation technology, it eliminates the interference caused by the magnetometer probe during the maneuvering flight of the aircraft, obtaining high-precision magnetic total field and magnetic vector field data. In addition to the high-precision fluxgate magnetometer, the main total field magnetic sensor of this series of unmanned aerial magnetic equipment is a high-precision optically pumped magnetometer, which meets the requirements of aviation magnetic survey technical specifications.
Benefits and Features
The JOUAV CW series avionics system has been proven in several practical projects and is featured with low cost, high accuracy and high efficiency.
High Quality
The JOUAV UAV platform has a high accuracy of movement and meets the quality requirements of the aeromagnetic survey specifications.
High Precision
JOUAV UAS can be flown with gentle terrain undulations, and high precision and high-resolution aerial magnetic survey data can be obtained in areas with gentle terrain.
Auto Flight Position Compensation
The JOUAV aeromagnetic system has improved the flight control operating system and realized automatic maneuvering attitude flight compensation, which effectively reduces the magnetic interference of the UAV platform.
Lightweight Design
The system equipment is much lighter, less costly, less risky, and more efficient than normal aerial magnetic equipment, making it very easy to carry out fieldwork.
High Efficiency
JOUAV drones can be used to complete a large area of fast aerial magnetic survey, and the work efficiency is greatly improved compared with traditional aerial magnetic detection.
Wide Application Prospects
The large-scale, high-resolution, and high-precision aerial magnetic survey can provide a reliable basis for mineralization search and has a broad application prospect and promotion value.
Compatible Drones
The  CW Series Aeromagnetic Surveying System is compatible with a wide range of JOUAV drones, greatly improving the efficiency of aerial surveys.
A portable, integrated UAV platform that delivers exceptional reliability to our customers.
Multi-purpose and battery-operated intelligent VTOL drone
Long Endurance Electric Fixed-wing VTOL Drone
Technical Specifications
Whole System
Full load weight
Airborne dynamic noise level
Total power consumption
Optical-pumping Magnetometer
Light pump magnetometer type
Micro rubidium light pump magnetometer
Light pump resolution
Ground static noise level
≤0.01 nT
Light pump range
1000 nT - 100000 nT
Gradient tolerance
100 nT/cm
≤0.02nT/√Hz (0.1-100 Hz band, power spectrum)
Light pump power consumption (operating state)
Fluxgate Magnetometer
Measurement Range
Fluxgate output voltage
Frequency domain noise
≤6pT rms/√Hz
Vector magnetometer power consumption
Laser Altimeter
Laser altimeter range (at 90% reflectivity)
≤500m, accuracy 1m
GPS Receiver
Positioning accuracy
≤2m (in normal mode), ≤2CM (in GNSS RTK mode)
Wireless Digital Transmission
The power
Synchronized Data Collector
Data collector sampling rate
1, 2, 5, 10, 20Hz
Data collector ADC accuracy
24 bits
Highly accurate attitude measurement data collector
Data collector functions
Capable of supporting upgrade into collecting two light pump magnetometer data to form aeromagnetic gradient measurement, high precision ADC sampler to collect fluxgate data, a record high precision attitude measurement IMU module, record GPS, laser altitude, barometric altitude, plane coordinate auto conversion data.
Data collector with light pump and fluxgate real-time and aero-magnetic compensation function
Data storage capacity 64GB
Aeromagnetic processing software features
It has the functions of real-time aerial magnetic data return detection; automatic route planning and ground-like flight route planning based on a digital elevation model; optical pump and flux gate aerial magnetic data compensation calculation; aerial magnetic data pre-processing, including data display, line cutting, distortion removal, daily change correction, quality evaluation, and other functions.
* All performance data in the foregoing pages are theoretical values obtained by JOUAV® internal laboratories through tests carried out under particular conditions. For more information on the specific testing conditions, refer to the aforementioned product details. Actual performance may vary owing to differences in individual product configuration, software versions, application conditions, and environmental factors. All data is subject to actual usage.
Other Payloads
JOUAV is constantly updating its cameras and enriching its product lineups to provide a better data results and to meet customers' needs.
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High-resolution medium format cameras for mapping and surveying
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