Application Overview
Application in the area with dense personnel and complex scenes security surveillance, CW VTOL UAV solution realize big area and long-term high-altitude real-time surveillance and live video and images streaming to the headquarters for command and control the event situation development. Application in the disaster assessment, CW VTOL UAV solution realizes the high-definition aerial photography and the or-tho-photography map of pollution and disaster area for labeling and accurate survey measurement, which helps to find out potential security risks in the area in time and reduce personnel risks. As clients request, refined inspection and 3D modeling of disaster areas can be carried out to realize the application of relevant scenarios in the emergency response field.
Application Scenarios

Forest Fire Fighting

JOUAV CW VTOL drone solutions feature fast response to acquire the information efficiently to help improve the accuracy and safety of fire detection. What's more, we can integrate 3D multi-dimensional perception services as to achieve a low comprehensive operation cost for forest fire prevention supervision, inspection, monitoring, warning, fighting, and risk avoidance of all links loop.
JOUAV CW VTOL UAV solution helps to improve the efficiency of forest fire investigation and verification and emergency handling ability to discover and effective control of forest fire prevention. In the formulation of the emergency plan and the establishment of a rapid response mechanism, JOUAV CW VTOL UAV solutions play an important role in on-site fire archiving and evidence collection, and other aspects.

Geological Disaster Assessment

Drone surveying applications for monitoring deformation or settlement equipment placement in advance. CW VTOL UAV solutions also work for providing an authoritative source of data for the later geological disaster assessment project; Emergency inspection of disaster areas, and real-time transmission of high-definition video or images stream to command headquarters for quick decision-making or post-disaster reconstruction planning .
Then JOUAV CW VTOL UAV LiDAR solution features the vegetation penetration capability for high precision survey in density vegetation area to make accurate analysis and assessment of the geological conditions of disaster areas assessment and prevent the secondary disaster.


Flood Disaster Prevention

Based on the characteristics of real time video or HD images transmission, easy to reach to high risk area ,low operation cost, high flexibility, CW VTOL UAV Solutions are powerful supplement to satellite remote sensing, as well as an important supplementary means for conventional water conservancy information monitoring on the ground and emergency treatment of sudden disasters.
Combined with GIS geographic information application system and big data analysis model, on the one hand, the water area model of high precision 3D images of water area and surrounding area can be generated through aerial photography; At the same time, the submersion deduction analysis of the flood can be carried out, and the three-dimensional model length, area, volume, cut, fill and other multidimensional tests can be carried out, which provides an important technical support for the elimination of hidden dangers and the formulation of countermeasures for flood control work. On the other hand, through the intelligent image comparison and data comparison analysis of 3d models and geographic data stored in different periods, it provides important basic data for water conservancy research and planning.

Hazardous Gas Detection

UAV remote sensing technology has the advantages of 3D monitoring, fast response, large area coverage, and easy operation, so UAV solutions become an important development trendy for air emergency pollution source identification and concentration monitoring in the future.
At the same time, the JOUAV CW VTOL UAV solution works for carrying out environmental map modeling, and task assignments to monitor and detect ozone, particle concentration, temperature, humidity, NO2, SO2, and so on.
JOUAV drones for environmental monitoring would be applied to air quality monitoring, dust monitoring, environmental emergency, environmental protection, fire rescue, pollution source traceability, an inspection of the chemical parks, gas pipeline inspection, and other fields.


Security Production Supervision and Management

Through the trinity of "land inspection, air inspection, systematic inspection", JOUAV CW VTOL UAV Solution helps to realize not only monitoring the key and difficult inspection areas without blind point, but also carry out safety inspection on the disaster site to timely understand the latest terrain and landform, hidden danger characteristics and threat range. To ensure the safety of production and business units and the life and property of surrounding people. A new law enforcement model of "comprehensive coverage, whole-process monitoring and law enforcement" has been formed to conduct in-depth investigations into violations of laws and regulations in the field of work safety, guide and urge the solution of prominent emergency safety problems, and provide a scientific basis for law enforcement and supervision.

Application Cases

Fire Fighting Case

In March 2020, A heavy burst of forest fire broke out in Xichang City, Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. JOUAV set up an emergency response team to operate 6 units of CW-15 VTOL UAV System to help with fire investigation, located the fire situation, processed aerial images to the distribution map of the fire point, and reported the fire situation to the command center in real-time. It helped to facilitate the command center's decision-making and provide strong support for the firefighting work.