PH-20 Heavy Payload Multirotor Drone
Typical Flight Time
Max Flight Speed
Maximum Take-off Altitude
Max Payload
Benefits and Features
With the continuous technical updates , our drones bring many actual benefits to our customers, including saving time and cost, getting more comprehensive data, keeping personnel safe. 
Long Endurance
The upgraded PH-20 has a longer flight time. 70 minutes with gimbal camera, 75 minutes with LiDAR.
Heavy Payload
Maximum load 10kg, all common payloads can be equipped, such as LIDAR, camera, spectral imager, aeromagnetic, miniSAR, etc.
Multi-sensor redundancy technology, control distribution reconfiguration technology, all-digital bus avionics technology, fully closed-loop health monitoring, and management technology.
More Convenient
The arm is pluggable, easy to use and maintain; unified load electrical interface, one key installation.
More Reliable
The whole machine is made of high-performance carbon fiber composites, lightweight, rigid and high strength. The rotor system's inward tilt enhances stability, wind resistance, and interference tolerance.
Equipped with millimeter wave radar for four-way obstacle avoidance. After high and low temperature, plateau, high wind, rain, and another harsh environmental testing, higher safety.
Optional Payloads
The JOUAV PH-20 UAV can carry many types of mission payloads. You can choose different cameras according to the actual mission needs, including LiDAR system, industrial aerial camera, oblique camera system, gimbal system and SAR. Simple and flexible, multi-purpose.
PhaseOne iXM Series Camera
High-resolution medium format cameras for mapping and surveying
CA-103 Aerial Camera
61 MP full-frame camera for land surveying, urban planning
MG-150E EO/IR/LR Gimbal Camera
30x optical zoom and thermal imaging drone gimbal camera with 3km laser rangefinder
JoLiDAR-LR22 is a lightweight and long-range laser scanner for UAV surveying.
CA50XR Series Oblique Camera
High-precision half-frame/full-frame oblique cameras for 3D city modeling and urban planning
A Cost-Effective LiDAR system Offering High Precision and Long Range
Ground Control Stations
JOUAV offers handheld, portable and modular vehicle ground control station. You can choose different control devices according to the different environment and task.
TC-200 Handheld Ground Control Station
An all-in-one handheld UAV ground control station for controlling unmanned vehicles and payloads
GCS-303 Ground Control Station
A portable dual-screen ground control station to control drone flight, recovery, and payloads.
Supporting Software
JOUAV provides one-stop UAV products, including the supporting software needed for the task. You can use these software to plan a flight path, control and manage the drone, track and identify targets, and see video and geo-data information from the drone in real time.
Eagle Map Drone Surveillance Software
An intuitive software solution to deploy drones' security and surveillance operations.
FlightSurv Drone Mapping software
Cloud-based drone mapping software for flight planning, data collection, processing, and analysis.
Technical Specifications
Number of Rotors
Motor Wheelbase
Max Takeoff Weight
Max Payload
Flight Performance
Flight Time
70 minutes (with gimbal camera) 
75 minutes (with LiDAR)
Best Cruising Speed
Hover Accuracy
Wind Resistance
Level 8
Water proof
Moderate rain
IP Rating
Operating Temperature
-20℃~ +55℃
* All performance data in the foregoing pages are theoretical values obtained by JOUAV® internal laboratories through tests carried out under particular conditions. For more information on the specific testing conditions, refer to the aforementioned product details. Actual performance may vary owing to differences in individual product configuration, software versions, application conditions, and environmental factors. All data is subject to actual usage.
Industry Applications
JOUAV drones widely used in mapping and geographic information, inspection, security monitoring, emergency and other fields of a variety of application scenarios.
Aerial Mapping & Surveying
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Professional Technical Support
We are committed to ensuring that every customer can get timely and professional technical support. Engineers can provide customers with remote product installation guidance, software updates, and UAV flight technical support; they can also arrive at the scene to provide  services.
Complete drones flight training
Professional after-sales engineer team, online or on-site support
Well documented support and videos
Local distributor support
Worry-free package and professional insurance
Warranty and return to factory repair