Benefits and Features
The JoLiDAR-LR22 is a high-performance, long-range LiDAR scanner designed for professional UAV applications. Engineered to meet the demands of modern surveying and mapping applications, this advanced system seamlessly integrates laser scanning, IMU technology, RGB imaging, and data acquisition capabilities for unrivaled performance in every scenario.
Centimeter-Level Precision
Elevation error less than 2cm without ground control points (GCPs).
1845m Detection Range
Reach distances exceeding 1845 meters at 80% reflectivity.
Higher Point Cloud Density
Generate detailed 3D models with a rate of 1.5 million points per second.
High Efficiency
20km2 covered in a single flight on CW-25E (at a scale of 1:500).
15 Returns
Extract detailed topographic data from dense vegetation with ease.
360° Field of View
Capture comprehensive data with ease no matter the environment or angle.
Integrated Full-Frame Camera
61MP resolution for capturing high-quality imagery alongside LiDAR data.
Base Station and GCP-Free
Simplify the setup process, saving time and resources.
Long Range LiDAR Scanner

Pinpoint Precision

The JoLiDAR-LR22 delivers impressive accuracy, achieving vertical accuracy better than 3cm and horizontal accuracy better than 5cm. This is complemented by high repetition accuracy of 5mm, indicating the system's consistency in capturing repeated measurements under identical conditions.

Long Detection Range

Boasting a staggering 1845+ meter maximum scanning distance at 80% reflectivity, the JoLiDAR-LR22 excels in surveying large areas, mapping vast landscapes, and inspecting remote infrastructure.

Focused Infrared Beam

This LiDAR sensor utilizes a narrow infrared laser beam boasting a narrow 0.5 milliradian (mrad) divergence. This ensures precise measurements, minimizing noise and enhancing data accuracy for superior 3D representations of the scanned environment.

Fast Scans, Rich Data

The JoLiDAR-LR22 flies through scans at up to 200 lines per second, capturing vast areas in a flash. Its effective measurement rate of 1.5 million points per second packs even more detail into each scan, revealing incredible intricacies.

15 Returns

With 15 returns, this LiDAR system captures up to 15 individual data points from a single laser pulse, resulting in richer, more detailed point clouds. Imagine mapping a forest – with 15 returns, you capture ground, leaves, branches, and hidden details under the canopy.

360° Field of View (FOV)

Unlike LiDAR systems with a narrower FOV, a 360° system captures data from all directions in a single pass, ensuring complete coverage of the area of interest. This saves time and avoids the need for multiple scans from different angles.

Innovation RTK + IMU Fusion

RTK offers centimeter-level accuracy by correcting GNSS signals, while IMU tracks platform orientation and motion, filling in GNSS gaps (e.g., under trees). Combining RTK and IMU data ensures highly accurate LiDAR point cloud data, crucial in complex environments like urban areas or dense vegetation.

  • Post POS positioning accuracy: Horizontal≤0.01m, Vertical≤0.02m
  • Post POS attitude accuracy: Head ≤ 0.010°, Pitch/roll ≤0.005°
61MP Full-Frame RGB Camera

The 61 MP sensor enhances LiDAR point cloud clarity by capturing detailed visual information for precise object and surface texture identification. Its full-frame sensor (35.7×23.8mm) captures more light for improved low-light performance and potentially sharper images. With a 21mm focal length, it offers a wider field of view for efficient coverage of larger areas in each image.

Compatible Drones
Pairing the JoLiDAR-LR22 scanner with a drone makes LiDAR more accessible, and allows surveyors and other professionals to collect precise data quickly and easily. Let's see the compatible drones of JoLiDAR.
Long Endurance Electric Fixed-wing VTOL Drone
Heavy Payload Multi-Rotor Drone
Hybrid Gasoline & Battery Long Flight Time UAV
Industry Applications
JoLiDAR-LR provides highly detailed, accurate data, which can be used for ecological research, forest monitoring, road construction and other purposes.
Aerial Mapping & Surveying
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Mining & Aggregates
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Power Line Inspection
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Technical Specification
Laser Scanner
Laser head distance measurement accuracy
15mm (Repetition accuracy)
Max. scanning distance
1845m (reflectivity ρ≥80%)
Min. scanning distance
1.5m (@PRR≥1MHZ)
Laser divergence
Laser wavelength
Near infrared
Laser pulse frequency
Safety classification
Class 1 (eye safe), 1550 nm
Max. echo quantity
Angular resolution
Max. effective measurement rate
1.5 million points/sec
IMU System
IMU type
Honeywell HG-4930
POS gyro zero bias stability
POS acceleration range
POS Update Frequency
Positioning system mode
Support Samsung system data, GPS L1/L2, GLONASS G1/G2, Beidou B1/B2
Post POS positioning accuracy
Post POS attitude accuracy
Head: ≤0.010°
Pitch: ≤0.005°
Roll-across: ≤0.005°
Processing method of GNSS/INS
Support post-event differential and precision single-point post-processing
RGB Camera
Camera type
Focal length
Data Acquisition System
Time synchronization
Meet the POS and laser scanner, camera data acquisition synchronization, synchronization error less than 1ms
Storage control
Independent button control of laser scanner, storage module, POS. Meet the storage requirements of POS and laser scanner, support network port and other ways to download data
Write speed
≥100 MByte/s
Read speed
≥100 MByte/s
Whole LiDAR System
Overall system scanning vertical accuracy
System overall scanning horizontal accuracy
Point cloud density (single airband)
70 points/m2 (150m flight height, 1500Khz scanning frequency)
40 points/m2(200m flight altitude, 1200Khz scanning frequency)
20 points/m2(300m flying altitude, 800Khz scanning frequency)
10 points/m2 (400m flight altitude, 600Khz scanning frequency)
6 points/m2 (500m flight altitude, 400Khz scan frequency)
Vibration damping device
Vibration damping device fixed connected to UAV
Power supply
System power consumption
65W (Typical value)
* All performance data in the foregoing pages are theoretical values obtained by JOUAV® internal laboratories through tests carried out under particular conditions. For more information on the specific testing conditions, refer to the aforementioned product details. Actual performance may vary owing to differences in individual product configuration, software versions, application conditions, and environmental factors. All data is subject to actual usage.
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