In a groundbreaking collaboration between JOUAV and Rainpoo Technology, a series of flight demonstrations were recently conducted in Chinese cities using the CW-25E VTOL UAV equipped with the DG10 oblique camera

This case study aims to showcase the exceptional mapping efficiency and high accuracy achieved with the CW-25E+DG10 camera combination. By analyzing detailed flight data, we will unveil the revolutionary changes in work efficiency, data quality, and decision-making capabilities brought about by this cutting-edge solution.

CW-25E VTOL drone with DG10 oblique camera

CW-25E VTOL Drone

The CW-25E vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV is a remarkable creation by JOUAV. The combination of VTOL capability and fixed-wing efficiency offers several advantages for large-scale city modeling. With an impressive effective range of 240 minutes and a cruising speed of 72 km/h, this 3D modeling drone can cover flight distances of up to 200 km. 

Its unique design enables it to navigate and operate within narrow urban areas, opening up new possibilities for urban mapping. Furthermore, the stability and reliability of the CW-25E ensure accurate data collection and reduce the risk of disruptions or errors during flights, contributing to high-quality 3D city models.

DG10 Oblique Camera

DG10 oblique camera is a medium-format aerial camera that has revolutionized the industry. With a total of 510 million pixels distributed across five lenses, each boasting 102 million pixels, the DG10 ensures exceptional image quality. The camera's parallel lens layout and featherweight design, weighing only 2900 grams, make it highly suitable for 3D modeling of expansive cities. 

With the ability to achieve a ground resolution of 5 cm at flight altitudes over 600 m, the DG10 camera offers higher resolution and broader aerial coverage, thus propelling the mapping industry to new frontiers.

CW-25E VTOL with DG10 oblique camera

Unmatched Performance of CW-25E+DG10

To assess the performance of the CW-25E UAV with DG10 camera, the following flight parameters were utilized during the project:

Ground resolution 


Flight altitude 


Overlap rate

83% front/75% side

Cruising speed 


Number of flights


Mapping area


Slant range


Number of photos per sortie


Over 35 Times More Efficient Than Multi-rotor Drones

To demonstrate the mapping efficiency of the CW-25E UAV with the DG10 camera, a comparison was made with a multi-rotor drone with the same ground resolution of 3cm. The results clearly showcased the superiority of the CW-25E UAV with the DG10 camera in terms of efficiency. 

In a single flight, the multi-rotor UAV covered only 0.28 square kilometers, while the CW-25E UAV with a DG10 camera covered an impressive area of 10 square kilometers. This stark contrast signifies that the CW-25E UAV with DG10 camera is over 35 times more efficient than the multi-rotor UAV.

High-Resolution 3D Model Results

In addition to its exceptional mapping efficiency, the CW-25E with DG10 camera produces highly accurate and detailed 3D models of the surveyed areas. One notable aspect of the project was the DG10 oblique camera's ability to capture high-definition oblique images even at an altitude of 368 meters, eliminating the need for ground control points (GCPs).

Mounted on the CW-25E UAV, the DG10 oblique camera captures a rich collection of oblique images from multiple angles, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the project area. Despite the high altitude, the DG10 camera's advanced imaging capabilities deliver crisp and clear oblique images, capturing intricate details of buildings, terrain, and other features.

3D model results aquired by CW-25E with DG10

3D model results generated from oblique images acquired by CW-25E with DG10

3D model results aquired by CW-25E with DG10

3D model results aquired by CW-25E with DG10

3D model results acquired by CW-25E with DG10

The 3D model has a high level of detail from the high-resolution images captured by the CW-25E+DG10. It accurately represents small features and objects, preserving rich colors and textures for a photorealistic result.

Flight Demo in Other Cities

In addition to Chengdu city, JOUAV, and Rainpoo conducted flight demonstrations in Tianjin, Guangzhou, and Wuhan, further highlighting the capabilities of the CW-25E+DG10 system. The flight parameters and results obtained from these demonstrations are as follows:

Resolution (cm)





Flight height (m)





Single sortie operation area (km2)





Number of photos per sortie





Note: Flight speed 20m/s, overlap rate 80% front/70% side, slant range 300m, single flight endurance 120min

These flight demonstrations in multiple cities emphasized the mapping efficiency, high accuracy, and versatility of the CW-25E+DG10 system in different geographic locations, highlighting its potential for various aerial mapping and surveying applications.

Revolutionizing the 3D Mapping Industry

Applying CW-25E with the DG10 camera has brought about revolutionary changes in the 3D mapping industry. Firstly, high-resolution image acquisition enables the generation of more accurate geographic data, significantly enhancing the quality and precision of mapping data. This improvement holds great significance for urban planning, land use surveys, and environmental monitoring. Secondly, the high flight efficiency and extensive coverage capability of CW-25E reduce labor and time costs. Compared to traditional methods, the UAV can complete larger mapping tasks more quickly, greatly enhancing work efficiency.

Furthermore, the high-precision mapping data obtained through CW-25E with the DG10 camera empowers decision-makers to make accurate and scientifically informed decisions. Whether in urban planning, infrastructure construction, or natural resource management, these data enable more comprehensive analysis and decision-making processes, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness and feasibility of decisions.

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