Adhering to the design concept of industrialization, high stability and full automation, the small and medium-sized oil-electric hybrid VTOL fixed-wing UAV was designed in 2015, featuring high reliability, high efficiency and high precision, which is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized tasks.

Rapid assembly & DisassemblyRapid assembly & Disassembly
Intelligent OperationIntelligent Operation
Operate in complex terrainOperate in complex terrain

Simple and reliable

In 2012, the R&D team of JOUAV® began to pay attention to the VTOL fixed-wing UAV, and produced more than 10 types UAV, including tilt-rotor, tail-sitter VTOL and composite wing VTOL. After 3 years of intensive research and continuous experiments, the research and development team found that the tilting mechanism of tilting rotor is complex, heavy and inefficient. And tail-sitter VTOL mode has high efficiency, but it is difficult to control, especially in the process of smooth transition and low reliability. JOUAV® composite wing VTOL layout is the most simple and reliable form of aircraft platform selected by the research and development team. Through unique navigation logic and stability control, it realizes the full and autonomous use of the whole process.

We start here

In October 2015, JOUAV developed the industrial grade VTOL fixed-wing UAV CW-20 in China and commercialized it in the same year.When our products came into existence, although many experts questioned the layout, JOUAV CW series VTOL fixed Wing UAVs caused strong reaction in the market. At present, the CW series VTOL fixed-wing UAVs have been developed into 7 models,more than 20 product lines.


Cumulative flight time
Adhering to the industrialization, high stability and fully automated design concept, JOUAV has developed the CW-20 VTOL fixed-wing UAV. The CW-20 have accumulated 93,450 hours of operation as of December 31, 2018, helping users to execute tasks in various scenarios.



Carburetor Engine
Radio Link
Modular Design
Multi Purpose UAV
Packing Size


Remote Control
JOUAV®TC-101 Remote Control; Specifically designed for the JOUAV® CW series, a 1000 meters remote control distance and a built-in battery with more than 6 hours endurance

Payload Capability

Aerial Camera
CA-102 Full frame aerial camera
The damping system can noticeably increase flight safety and stability and ensure to obtain high quality images, and the quick-insert payload will be much more convenient when assembly. Phase One® IXM-100 Medium Format Industrial camera; This can provide high quality aerospace imaging and flexible operation for a wide range of mapping, measurement and inspection applications


Cruise Speed
Wind Resistance
Max Takeoff Altitude
Takeoff Landing
V Positioning Accuracy
H positioning Accuracy


Ground Control Station

*Actual product features and specifications (including but not limited to appearance, colour, and size), as well as actual display contents (including but not limited to backgrounds, interface, and icons) may vary by country.
**All performance data in the foregoing pages are theoretical values obtained by JOUAV internal laboratories through tests carried out under particular conditions. For more information on the specific testing conditions, refer to the aforementioned product details. Actual performance may vary owing to differences in individual product configuration, software versions, application conditions, and environmental factors. All data is subject to actual usage.

***JOUAV makes every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of product information it provides. Due to subsequent changes involving product batches, production and supply factors, it may be necessary for JOUAV to make changes and adjustments to text and images so that they match the performance, specifications, indexes, and components of the actual product. Product information is subject to such changes and adjustments without notice.
Any illegal utilization is forbidden as JOUAV® CW-Series UAVs are sensitive items. Chengdu JOUAV Dapeng Tech Co., Ltd will not take any responsibility for any consequences caused by illegal use, nor provide any technical support or promise for any obtaining through irregular channels. We shall not be related to any third party liability by using the products.

The direct or indirect application of JOUAV® CW-Series UAVs and products will be considered as unconditional acceptance of this statement. If you have any dissent of any clauses, please immediately suspend the usage.

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