As the star product of JOUAV, CW-15 is loved by users from all over the world. After using CW-15 for a long time, see what users from all over the world say.

CW-15 drone with sunset

"Reliable and stable."

Mr.Feng Engineer, Shandong Provincial Institute of Geological Surveying and Mapping

"We first used JOUAV's flight control self-organizing UAV for aerial survey operations and found that the JOUAV flight control system is very reliable during use. At the end of 2018, we purchased CW-10C, More than 300 sorties have been flown in more than a year, and there has not been a single safety accident caused by the aircraft itself.

After the launch of the CW-15, compared with the CW-10, the load, and range of the CW-15 has been greatly improved, so we purchased two more CW-15s. These two aircraft have maintained the consistent reliability of JOUAV and safety, the orthophoto collection and oblique 3D modeling tasks of Wulian and other counties and cities have been completed so far. "

many JOUAV drones

"Suitable for both marine and land use."

Mr.Cai Engineer, Shanghai Fengfengzhe Technology Co., Ltd.

"Our company's business scenarios are mainly sea and land inspections. In many cases, UAVs need to operate on ships and offshore platforms, which also requires UAVs to be stable enough. CW-15 is purely electric, and we don't have to worry about offshore supplies. Oil problem, at the same time, the combination of battery life and load capacity is relatively good, soaring over the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea, completing challenging tasks one by one. Finally, I want to say that a good product is the cheapest product with the same performance and the cheapest product with the same price. Excellent, the CW-15 is one of the best products."


"An easy-to-use and stable product."

Mr.Bai Engineer, Xi'an Tuyuan Geographic Information Technology Co., Ltd.

"Every time there is a task, using the CW-15 is always reassuring. It is a lot easier and more secure. It is still powerful at an altitude of 4,300 meters and minus 20 degrees. It has completed the ecology of a mining area in Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Restoration and environmental remediation projects."

CW-15 UAV in Korea

"A technology-leading product."

Sejin Oh from South Korea

"I think CW-015 VTOL drone is a technology-leading product in three areas (modularization, systematization, and autonomous driving). As for the modularization part, the chamber can be operated in a modular way, so that various payloads can be used according to the purpose. If you purchase only one base frame, you only need to add the chamber module with the payload later.

The systematization part is the part where the internal control is integrated from CW-015 II to the CAN Bus, so that the monitoring of the airframe and the development of an additional linked payload have become easy and convenient.
Autonomous driving is characterized by securing safety in BVLOS flight through RADAR, stereo optical camera, and ADS-B."

CW-15 UAV in Thailand

"One machine with multiple functions, double the efficiency."

Aot from Thailand

"From October to December 2022, we used one CW-007 and one CW-15 to complete nearly 10,000 kilometers of pipeline inspection work. During the entire use process, we found that JOUAV is easy to operate and stable in flight, especially The CW-15 is multi-purpose, and the same aircraft can quickly replace the mission cabin, and efficiently complete operations in different fields such as surveying and monitoring, which improves operational efficiency."

CW-15 UAV in Ghana

"Work day and night with automatic target tracking."

William from Ghana

"We use  CW-15 UAV for surveillance and pipeline monitoring. It is equipped with visible light and infrared dual light pods with infrared heat source detection capability. It can easily, quickly and efficiently solve the tricky problems in night mine patrols. It allows us to perceive the dynamics of the mine site at any time and avoid illegal mining activities. In more than a year, the operation has over 500 flights."

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