Through continuous technology innovation, the CW Series UAS currently has seven UAV platforms with a maximum take-off weight of 6.8Kg to 100Kg. The product has high stability and the power mode is pure electric or hybrid. Modular design, autonomous flight, vertical take off and landing, CW series can work in complex terrain such as mountains, hills and jungles.
CA50XR Series Oblique Camera
High-precision half-frame/full-frame oblique cameras for 3D city modeling and urban planning
DG10 Medium Format Oblique Camera
Lightweight, small in size, good stability, and high accuracy
CW Series Aeromagnetic Surveying System
Intelligent, efficient and cost-effective aeromagnetic measurement system
MicaSense RedEdge-P Multispectral Camera
The ultimate solution for high-resolution RGB and multispectral data.
MicaSense Altum-PT Multispectral Camera
RGB, multispectral, and thermal imagery at higher resolutions for advanced vegetation research applications
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