JOUAV released a vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drone that can avoid obstacles

On March 29, JOUAV officially released a new generation of CW-15 UAV, an intelligent long-endurance electric small UAV platform, which redefines the safety and reliability of industrial-grade UAVs.


The main innovations of the new generation of CW-15 UAV are as follows:

Active safety technology throughout the flight

①Front and lower millimeter-wave obstacle avoidance radar

With obstacle avoidance and path planning algorithms, it can detect obstacles in real-time during all stages of take-off, aviation, and landing, with a sensing distance of 240 meters.

②Binocular Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

During the landing phase, the terrain is intelligently sensed, and the landing point is automatically screened. When the roof, cliff, electric pole, vehicle, personnel, and other hazards are found to land, real-time avoidance ensures the safe landing of the aircraft.

③ADS-B situational awareness

During the flight, real-time monitoring of aircraft within 160 kilometers to achieve threat warning and automatic avoidance, and calmly respond to air traffic control.

④Terrain matching flight technology

Based on high-precision digital three-dimensional maps, using fast global path search, path planning, and collision detection algorithms to achieve point-to-point intelligent terrain matching flight.

Aviation grade reliability

①Multi-sensor redundancy technology

Three IMU redundancy management, main backup GNSS, dual differential antennas, and external magnetic compass direction finding, so that each node has fault management and automatic recovery and update capabilities.

②All-digital bus avionics technology

The whole machine adopts all-digital bus avionics technology and online management of distributed avionics system networking, dramatically improving electrical reliability.

A revolution in the ease of use of fixed-wing drones

①Automatic pre-flight inspection

One-click to complete multi-dimensional check of system status, sensor module, rudder surface, and power unit.

②Automatic calibration of the magnetic compass in the air

The three-axis magnetic field of the magnetic compass is automatically calibrated in the air, which can quickly solve the tedious pre-flight inspection process.

③Active firmware update system

Firmware matching and push through cloud service, online download, and update.

④Download of wireless networking data

The drone, ground station, and control terminal network are integrated to easily manage all kinds of data generated during the operation through the wireless network.

Professional Software

Vertical and horizontal eagle map
New Vertical Eagle Chart software, 3D route planning and video monitoring, live streaming, AR overlay, video projection, real-time video fast spell, information labeling, and measurement.

Higher data quality

CA103 ortho camera + DS100 pan-tilt head
The mapping version is equipped with a 61-megapixel CA103 ortho camera and DS100 high-precision rotating head to guarantee the quality of images in a side-wind environment.

Super performance

①Super environmental adaptability

Endurance time 180min, range 180km, maximum takeoff and landing altitude greater than 4500m, practical lift greater than 6500m.

②Heating and drainage type airspeed tube

Equipped with a heated and drained airspeed tube and digital external atmospheric sensor, there is no need to worry about water and ice in the airspeed tube in low temperature, high humidity, and rainy environment.

③New generation intelligent battery

Real-time battery status monitoring, intelligent equalization, intelligent storage, abnormal alarm/protection, low-temperature automatic heating, real-time dynamic estimation of battery capacity, charge/discharge safety protection.

Open architecture

①Support deep integration and interconnection of 5G network connection modules

It supports the deep integration of the 5G communication terminal Hubble 1 on the airborne and ground terminals, realizing automatic switching between the radio data link and the 5G link.

②Provide independent and powerful application processing platform

A new high-performance data application processor is added based on the existing flight control processor, which can easily handle multi-channel video surveillance, image recognition, AI, and GPU accelerated computer vision algorithms.

③Modular bus-based SDK application development platform

Provide an open system architecture and a unified application control development interface, support user-defined load application development.

④Standardized data protocol

The airborne and ground terminals support standardized data protocols, as well as user-defined data protocols.

⑤Support remote data distribution

It can be connected to the public network and private network and supports remote data distribution through the network connection.

A new generation of JOUAV CW-15, safer and more reliable!