Serang, located within the Indonesian province of Banten and in close proximity to Jakarta, faces unique urban management challenges due to its high population density exceeding 1,200 people per square kilometer.

Traditional cadastral survey methods in such densely populated areas are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, ultimately impacting the accuracy and reliability of data crucial for effective urban planning and management.

To overcome these challenges, the local land agency partnered with JOUAV and employed the cutting-edge CW-15 VTOL UAV equipped with the DG10 oblique camera for a comprehensive 3D mapping endeavor.

Staffs of the Serang land agency

Project Overview:

Company NameSerang Land Agency
LocationSerang, Indonesia
ApplicationUrban Mapping
UAV ModelCW-15
PayloadDG10 Oblique Camera
Coverage Area6-7km2
Ground Sample Distance (GSD)2cm
Flight Altitude265m
Image Acquisition14,555
Data Processing Time8 Days

Survey Area Introduction

The survey area encompasses a diverse landscape, including densely populated residential areas, forests, grasslands, and flat terrain, with elevation differences within 40 meters.

Route Planning

The team imported the survey area's KML into JOUAV FlightSurv, setting the flight altitude and checking basic parameters such as variable height, overlap, and laser point frequency. This enabled the automatic generation of survey area routes.

The cloud-based operation allowed for route sharing between operators, while the CW-15's Terrain following flight ensured uniform image data resolution, even under large height difference terrain.

UAV flight planning in Serang city mapping

Pre-flight Preparation and Execution

Prior to flight operations, meticulous pre-flight preparations were conducted. The takeoff and landing sites were strategically chosen for unobstructed views and minimal interference, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Leveraging JOUAV's modular design, the CW-15 was swiftly assembled within minutes, with the DG10 camera seamlessly integrated into the mission bay. From unboxing to airborne readiness, the entire setup process took a mere 10 minutes.

CW-15 in Serang city mapping

Data Processing and Compatibility

The project acquired 14,555 aerial photos of uniform color and exceptional quality. Despite the high volume of data, the efficient data processing workflow was completed within 8 working days, meeting the client's stringent requirements.

The resulting 3D photos, available in formats such as LAS, OSGB, S3M, and DSM, are seamlessly integrated with local land agency management platforms. This compatibility enhanced management capabilities in high-density areas, providing detailed insights into building dimensions, cadastral mapping, demographic information, urban planning, and historical archives.

"The efficiency and accuracy of JOUAV's CW-15 UAV mapping solution have revolutionized our approach to urban planning. The detailed 3D model provided actionable insights that are instrumental in driving sustainable development and resource optimization." - Mr. Rahman, Project Manager, Serang Land Agency.

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