JOUAV is thrilled to introduce the PH-20, a game-changing upgrade to its heavy-lift multi-rotor drone, formerly known as the PH-25. This revamped model promises a leap forward in performance, flexibility, and reliability, catering to diverse professional applications.

PH-20 Large payload Multi-rotor UAV

PH-20 heavy-payload drone with the MG-130E gimbal camera

Greater Efficiency in Flight Operations

The PH-20 boasts unparalleled efficiency with an extended endurance of 75 minutes, a substantial improvement from its predecessor's 60 minutes.

The maximum flight speed has increased to 18m/s, contributing to superior flight efficiency.

In communication, adopting CAN bus communication design and sensor redundancy enhances anti-interference capabilities and expandability.

The drone now achieves a maximum communication range of 30 km, ensuring excellent connection stability over vast areas.

Payload Flexibility Upgrade

Witnessing a remarkable upgrade in load flexibility, the PH-20 now accommodates a maximum payload of 10kg, up from 6kg.

Featuring an open mechatronic load interface, operation simplicity is combined with enhanced mission versatility.

Customized payloads, such as LiDAR sensors, gimbal cameras, speakers, and lighting equipment, can be assembled and integrated.

For surveillance applications, the PH-20 integrates security and surveillance mission payloads, offering advanced features for day and night monitoring and tracking of suspicious targets.

PH-20 heavy-lift multi-rotor drone

PH-20 Heavy Duty UAV with JoLiDAR-1000

Precision Positioning

The PH-20 introduces RTK differential positioning and orientation functions, providing more accurate and reliable positioning services for mapping and surveying missions that demand high accuracy.

Differential positioning technology enables sub-centimeter accuracy, backed by a robust backup GPS positioning system and magnetic compass for improved reliability and accuracy in challenging GPS signal conditions.

Safety Enhanced

The PH-20 incorporates advanced obstacle avoidance features, including downward-looking, left and right lateral obstacle avoidance, and downward-looking binocular perception detection and obstacle avoidance.

An adaptive control system and powerful emergency safeguard mechanisms ensure unparalleled safety and reliability during flight.

The Terrain Following Flight feature intelligently adjusts flight altitude based on terrain changes, enhancing low-altitude hovering stability.

The geo-fence function enables users to limit flight range, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

Environmental Adaptability Upgraded

Operating stably in a wider range of geographical environments, the PH-20's maximum altitude has been upgraded from 3,500 meters to 4,500 meters.

The protection level has been enhanced from IP43 to IP55, making it more resistant to sand and water.

The expanded operating temperature range from -20℃ to +55℃ enables operations in rain, and the wind resistance level of up to 8 ensures reliability in extreme weather conditions.

Sleek Design, Robust Build

The PH-20 undergoes a material and design overhaul, upgrading from high-performance aluminum alloy + composite material to carbon fiber composite material, making it lighter and stronger.

The modernized shape design maintains a compact profile despite the increased size, eliminating the previous bulky appearance.

The innovative plug-in arm design simplifies use and maintenance, facilitating easy assembly and packaging in various locations.

"The PH-20 is a testament to JOUAV's commitment to innovation, reliability, and user-centric design. We are confident that these advancements will redefine the possibilities of drone technology across industries", said Xi You, the chief technical officer from JOUAV.

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