JOUAV, a leading manufacturer of industrial VTOL drones, is proud to announce the inauguration of its new factory, JOUAV Tech Park, in the Tianfu New Area of Chengdu City, China. The grand opening ceremony was attended by government officials, customers, and distributors from all over the world who gathered to witness the unveiling of this new super factory. The facility was built to meet the growing demand for industrial drone production capabilities and to improve product craftsmanship and quality.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony of JOUAV Tech Park

Many local government officials were invited to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the JOUAV Tech Park.

With a total investment of over $50 million, the JOUAV Tech Park spans 50 acres and boasts 54,000 square meters of production space, with an estimated capacity of 3,700 standard models. The factory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and specialized technicians to ensure a higher-quality production process. During the inauguration, JOUAV also unveiled its new product,  the JOS-C2000 autonomous VTOL drone dock system.

JOUAV Tech Park

Showroom in JOUAV Tech Park

The composite material workshop is fully equipped with various production equipment, including fully automatic cutting machines, laser cutting machines, hot press tanks, and high-temperature ovens. It has a complete production chain of composite material priming, laminating, compounding, post-treatment, and coating.

Meanwhile, the machining workshop has a variety of production equipment such as a CNC machining center, gantry machining center, injection molding machine, and engraving machine. It has the production capacity for structural parts processing, mold processing, and bamboo element injection.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony of JOUAV Tech Park

The electrical assembly workshop features a range of production equipment, such as a solder paste printing machine, placement machine, AOI, high and low temperature alternating test chamber, and three-axis calibration rotary table, with the production capacity of SMT, wire harness production, and electrical equipment.

The assembly workshop has more than 30 highly skilled personnel with professional training and the capability of aircraft parts assembly, equipment integration, debugging, and aircraft maintenance and repair.

"We are thrilled to open this new facility," said Ren Bin, the CEO of JOUAV. "With the latest equipment and highly skilled technicians, we can now provide an even higher quality production process for our customers. This new factory is an important milestone for JOUAV as we continue to innovate and lead in the industrial drone industry."

JOUAV's Chairman, Ren Bin, took the stage to deliver a speech

During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, JOUAV's Chairman, Ren Bin, took the stage to deliver a speech.

The new JOUAV Tech Park is set to revolutionize industrial drone production, and we look forward to seeing the innovative solutions that will be produced in this new facility.

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