JOUAV unveiled its latest offering, the JOUAV Unattended System, during the inauguration of JOUAV Tech Park. This groundbreaking product is designed to fully automate drone services, providing unparalleled efficiency and accuracy for remote missions.

JOS-C2000 autonomous VTOL drone dock

"The JOUAV Unattended System is a game-changer for the UAV industry," said Eric Lee, product manager of JOUAV. "It features its modular docking station, advanced cloud management platform, and high-performance VTOL drone."

Check out the product introduction video of the JOUAV Unattended System on YouTube:

Modular Docking Station

The JOS-C2000 station features a modular design that allows for quick and easy installation, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.  That also means that you can easily replace, repair, or upgrade parts without the need for complex procedures.

The docking station comes equipped with dual industrial air conditioning and an auxiliary heating system to maintain optimal temperature and humidity for the UAVs. The UPS power supply cabinet ensures uninterrupted operation in case of a power failure. The firefighting dual control system automatically senses temperature and releases extinguishing agents to ensure the safety of the equipment. The scissor lift platform, double airspeed tube self-test, and rotating landing platform guarantee the VTOL drone flies against the wind.


Dual air-conditioning and heating systems maintain the long-term storage temperature and humidity of drones in the station


UPS power supply cabinet supports two sorties of UAV operations in the case of external power failure


Dual pitot self-inspection to ensure the safety of every flight


IP54 protection level with -20°C-50 °C operating temperature


Scissor lift platform: simple structure, high reliability, strong load-bearing capacity


Efficient charging: 80% charging in 40 minutes, 100% charging in 80 minutes


Fire dual control system: automatically sense the temperature and release the fire extinguishing agent, and remotely control the release of the fire extinguishing agent


Integrated base station provides key parameters required by drones, GNSS differential station, UAV data link, monitoring and lightning protection

High-Performance VTOL Drone

The CW-15X VTOL drone boasts impressive parameters, including a control distance of over 30km, a maximum cruising speed of 72km/h, and a maximum flight time of 100 minutes with a load. The drone is equipped with an intelligent binocular system and millimeter wave radar system to ensure the safety of UAV flight, as well as a ground relay network that offers a wider coverage area.

CW-15X VTOL drone

Advanced Cloud Management Platform

JOUAV's JoCloud management platform is designed to manage the JOUAV Unattended System and its drones. The platform offers 3D route planning, route task management, simultaneous control of multiple drones, map information labeling and sharing, full dynamic video application, and AI recognition algorithms. Additionally, the system generates a detailed electronic flight report after each UAV flight.

JoCloud Cloud management platform

Power Grid Industry Applications

The JOUAV Unattended System has found widespread use in power line inspection throughout China. One key application involves placing the drone station in the substation and equipping the CW-15X with an MG-120E gimbal camera featuring 30x visible light zoom and a 640x512 thermal imaging sensor. This allows for the inspection of transmission lines and towers within a 100km radius around the substation.

In flight tests, the CW-15X can cover a transmission channel bandwidth of around 300m at a height of 150m-200m, and can effectively detect and locate hidden dangers such as illegal construction, illegal buildings, and hanging objects. Moreover, the CW-15X can hover around towers to check for major defects like missing insulators, missing shock hammers, tilted towers, missing spacers, and bird's nests. 

video streaming of power line inspection

The CW-15X real-time video of  power line inspection

The CW-15X also comes equipped with a 1430m long-range JoLiDAR-120 LiDAR sensor. During our test, the CW-15X LiDAR drone can inspect and scan no less than 30km of transmission and distribution lines in a single sortie, with 3-4 sorties per day and a maximum daily range of 120km. The scanning accuracy can reach ±3cm.

Point cloud of power line inspection

3D point cloud model generated from LiDAR data collected by CW-15X

"By using the JOUAV Unattended System, we can reduce the inspection time of a 500kV substation from three days to just one, and the inspection time of transmission lines from five days to two," said Mark Liu, general project manager from China Power Grid. "It has significantly improved our efficiency and reduced our costs."

Wide Range of Applications

In addition to power grid inspections, the JOUAV Unattended System has a range of other applications, including traffic monitoring, dam inspections, mine operations, oil and gas pipeline inspections, border patrols, and smart cities.

"We believe that the JOUAV Unattended System will revolutionize the way we use UAVs for a wide range of applications," said Eric Lee, product manager of JOUAV. "It offers unparalleled efficiency, precision, and reliability, making it an ideal solution for any organization that relies on UAV technology."

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