CW-25H Hydrogen-electric Hybrid VTOL Fixed-wing UAV

CW-25H hydrogen-powered VTOL fixed-wing UAV system is a globally game-changing solution joint development and co-production by JOUAV and Doosan Mobility Innovation.


Compared with the oil-powered version, the CW-25H features not only low noise and no vibration during power generation, but also low operation cost, which is suitable for wide application in a fire emergency, maritime and border inspections, etc.CW-25H deploy the new generation of DM15 lightweight fuel cell system which adopt the integrated design of full cell power system, hydrogen tanks, and power management system all in one to achieve high stability and reliability and play leading roles in industrial development in the segmentation field.

Intelligent Operation
Intelligent Operation
Takeoff and Landing on Mobile Platform
Takeoff and Landing on Mobile Platform
Environment Friendly
Environment Friendly
CW Technical Data

Intelligent autonomy builds the future.


  • Fuselage/Wingspan
  • MTOW
  • Modular Design
  • Multi Purpose UAV


To Become the World's Leading
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JOUAV Remote Control; Specifically designed for the JOUAV CW series, a 1000 meters remote control distance and a built-in battery with more than 6 hours endurance...


Payload Capability


  • Endurance
  • Cruising Speed
  • Wind Resistance

Optional Payload Choices

JOUAV has extensive payload choices for different kinds of UAV platform, including LiDAR system,
industrial aerial camera, oblique camera system, gimbal system and SAR, which can be applied in more industries.

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