Technical Support

Technical Support

We insist on customer-first and committed to maximizing the benefits of our customers, continuously increasing the added value of our products, and providing our customers with professional advice and the latest technical support, including UAV products, autopilots, payloads and software and accessories.

Customer Service

Good products, better support.

We have extensively tested JOUAV drones and related systems to ensure a high level of safety and reliability. We adhere to the customer-first spirit and provide first-class service, and strive to maximize the user's benefits, and continuously increase the added value of the products, while providing customers with professional industry advice and the latest technical support, showing the innovative "+ drone" value.

Safety first

JOUAV drones are flying continually, all over the world. The usage data from these flights, provide our R&D and production staff with continuous, detailed feedback—a raft of information that we use to further enhance and optimise our systems.


JOUAV SERVICE PLUS is a service plan that provides you with peace of mind, covering damage to your JOUAV aircraft and payload sustained during normal use.

Any illegal utilization is forbidden as JOUAV CW-Series UAVs are sensitive items. Chengdu JOUAV Dapeng Tech Co., Ltd will not take any responsibility for any consequences caused by illegal use, nor provide any technical support or promise for any obtaining through irregular channels. We shall not be related to any third party liability by using the products. The direct or indirect application of JOUAV CW-Series UAVs and products will be considered as unconditional acceptance of this statement. If you have any dissent of any clauses, please immediately suspend the usage.

Our team is growing to better serve our customers

Always ready to provide mission critical support and address any technical problems you may encounter worldwide.