JOUAV announced today that its CW-30E drone was used in a successful real-time video transmission demonstration by SK Broadband. The demonstration, completed in February 2024, showcased the world's first use of Quantum KCMVP security technology for transmitting high-definition drone video.

The JOUAV CW-30E drone used for quantum-safe, real-time video transmission.

Image credit: SK Broadband

SK Broadband, a Korean telecommunications company and subsidiary of SK Telecom, partnered with JOUAV's distributor FineVT for the project. The demonstration involved transmitting encrypted 4K video captured by a CW-30E drone in Antarctica. This eliminated the need for human presence in filming and exploring the ecosystem around Sejong Station.

SK Broadband emphasized that this achievement marks a significant step forward for the telecommunications industry. Drone technology, combined with quantum-secured communication, has the potential to revolutionize data collection in hazardous or hard-to-reach environments. Applications range from detailed surveys in Antarctica to various industrial inspections.

"Our CW-30E drone demonstrated its ability to capture critical data under challenging conditions," said Ren Bin, Founder, CEO & General Manager of JOUAV. "We are proud to contribute to this industry milestone."

The JOUAV CW-30E drone used for quantum-safe, real-time video transmission.

Image Credit: FineVT

The project was funded by the Korean Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication (MOSTIC) and the Korea Intelligence and Information Society Agency (NIA). It represents a national effort to develop and commercialize quantum technologies, including security, sensing, and computing solutions.

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