Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China - April 25, 2024 - JOUAV debuted a groundbreaking upgrade to its VTOL Hangar system at the 9th China UAV Power Inspection Technology Summit Forum. This next-generation solution boasts significant advancements in power line inspection, offering unparalleled safety, efficiency, and flexibility for utility companies.

The 9th China UAV Power Inspection Technology Summit Forum

The JOUAV VTOL Hangar is a complete ecosystem designed for seamless and autonomous drone-based power line inspections. At its core lies the modular JOS-C800 station, boasting an IP54 rating for weather resistance. This secure and stable environment acts as a launchpad, charging station, and control center for the high-performance CW-15V VTOL UAV.

JOUAV VTOL Hangar second generation

Key Upgrades in the JOUAV VTOL Hangar

The upgraded system boasts several key improvements that make power line inspections a breeze:

  • Easy Transport and Deployment: The redesigned hangar is a lightweight powerhouse, weighing in at just 850kg – over 50% lighter than before. This makes deployment a breeze, especially in remote areas. Despite its compact size, it seamlessly connects to both internal and public networks through advanced 1000M and fiber optic interfaces.
  • Wider Inspection Ranage: The CW-15V UAV can boasts an impressive 180-minute flight time and 50km operational range. Here's the secret weapon: automatic charging and multi-hangar support. The drone can land and recharge at different hangars strategically positioned along the inspection route, eliminating the need for lengthy return flights to a central base station for charging. This keeps inspections moving and maximizes efficiency.
  • Payload Versatility: The system isn't a one-trick pony. It's designed to accommodate a variety of payloads to cater to diverse inspection needs. Whether you need a thermal imaging camera to detect hot spots or a LiDAR sensor to identify vegetation encroachment, the JOUAV VTOL Hangar can be configured to fit the specific requirements of each inspection.


Fully Automated Power Line Inspection Solution

The JOUAV VTOL Hangar facilitates a closed-loop system, automating the entire process – from autonomous drone flight to data analysis using AI and AR algorithms on the Jocloud platform. This eliminates manual tasks and human error, providing valuable insights into power line health for prioritized maintenance and improved grid reliability.

AI Identification and AR Overlay

The CW-15V goes beyond basic object detection. It uses advanced sensors to identify various objects along power lines in real-time, including grid equipment, environmental hazards, and personnel.

The system also tracks the drone's location and camera direction in real-time. This allows it to superimpose a digital map of the power line route (kml file) directly onto the live video feed using Augmented Reality (AR).

On this map, critical areas around high-voltage lines are highlighted in red, indicating zones requiring immediate attention. Areas around lower voltage lines are highlighted in yellow, signifying areas that need inspection but are less urgent.

This innovative feature ensures inspectors see the most crucial information directly on the live video feed. This allows them to prioritize potential dangers and respond effectively.

Cloud Management and Reporting

Inspection results are securely stored and managed on the Jocloud platform, a user-friendly cloud-based system. Users can access high-resolution images, 3D point cloud data from the LiDAR system, and detailed inspection reports generated by the AI analysis. This centralized data management system allows for easy collaboration, trend analysis, and informed decision-making about maintenance priorities.

Multi-Period Comparison

Need to see how things have changed over time? The Jocloud platform allows for a side-by-side comparison of video data from different inspection periods. This makes it easier to identify changes or potential issues that may have developed over time, such as vegetation growth encroaching on power lines.

3D Point Cloud Visualization

The LiDAR system captures a wealth of 3D data, which is then displayed on the Jocloud platform. This provides a comprehensive and accurate 3D picture of the inspected infrastructure. Inspectors can virtually navigate through the 3D point cloud model to gain a deeper understanding of the power line corridor and identify potential problems that might be missed in traditional 2D inspections.

Beyond Inspections: Aerial Relay for Emergency Situations

During emergency response scenarios, like power line damage caused by severe weather events, establishing communication and getting a clear picture of the situation can be critical.

The JOUAV VTOL Hangar system can function as an aerial relay in such situations. Utilizing MESH radio technology, the system establishes a self-organizing network that extends signal transmission beyond obstacles.

This allows for real-time transmission of crucial on-site visuals to the command center, even in situations with limited network access or infrastructure damage. This can significantly improve response times and aid in faster recovery efforts.

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