Germany-based research firm Drone Industry Insights (Droneii) has published the world's best drone manufacturing companies in its annual flagship report. The conclusion was reached after its research team evaluated approximately 500 global companies whose core business is manufacturing drones.

Here are the best drone manufacturing companies of 2022:

Top 5 drone manufacturing companies infographic

"Our ranking model is based on a unique methodology that takes into account market share, market activity, and public attention to competitively compare drone service providers. " Droneii explained, "In this report, we notice innovative civilian drone companies like JOUAV that continue to improve the capabilities and technology of their products."

JOUAV, the industry-leading VTOL drone manufacturer and solutions provider, came in at No.5 on the list of top civil drone manufacturers, only six points behind second-place French company Parrot. As the only fixed-wing drone manufacturer in this list, JOUAV aims to fill the gap left by rotary-wing drones with small coverage areas and short flight times.

"Droneii's list of drone manufacturers is short and it showcases the most trusted, safe, and effective drone technology that can be found globally," said Eric Lee, product manager at JOUAV. "We are honored to be included on the list and are motivated to continually focus on entwining digital technology with market needs to make the best drones on the market."

"On top of all this, we're even more pleased that drones are getting more and more attention as a way to help workers across industries cut costs while improving their work."

As a China-listed UAV company, JOUAV has been focusing on industrial UAV-related product development and manufacturing since its establishment in 2010. JOUAV took the lead in launching and mass-producing VTOL drones in China in 2015. Currently, JOUAV has more than 50% market share in the field of VTOL fixed-wing industrial UAVs.

The company has developed the revolutionary CW series VTOL fixed-wing UAVs with a payload capacity of 1-25kg and flight time of 1-25kg, which can take off and land in confined areas, on gravel, between tree stands, or in mountainous areas.

JOUAV drones have been trusted by customers in several countries for a wide range of applications in mapping, public safety, construction, firefighting, agriculture, and many other industries.

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