Shenzhen, China - May 26, 2024 – JOUAV made a strong impression at the 8th Drone World Congress and the 9th Shenzhen International UAV Expo, held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from May 24 to 26. We showcased our latest advancements in UAV technology, including the next-generation VTOL Hangar System and the PH-20 multi-rotor drone system.

Drone World Congress 2024

Next-Generation VTOL Hangar System Unveiled

JOUAV took center stage at the event with the unveiling of its next-generation VTOL Hangar System, which drew significant attention from industry experts and garnered the prestigious UAV System Design Award. This innovative system offers a comprehensive solution for UAV operation, enabling autonomous inspection, automatic charging, remote deployment, remote planning and command, and automatic data return.

JOUAV VTOL Hangar received the UAV System Design Award

JOUAV VTOL Hangar won the prestigious UAV System Design Award.

The VTOL Hangar System integrates the CW-15V VTOL drone, capable of 3 hours of endurance with a payload and a patrol radius of 30 to 50 kilometers. Its wide range of applications includes power grid and pipeline inspection, mining, forestry, emergency response, border patrol, maritime surveillance, and smart city operations.

The CW-15X at drone world congress 2024

"The VTOL Hangar System represents a significant leap forward in autonomous drone operation," said Ren Bin, Founder, CEO & General Manager of JOUAV. "Its ability to automate key tasks will significantly improve efficiency and safety in various industries."

PH-20 Multi-Rotor Drone System Debuts

JOUAV also introduced its PH-20 multi-rotor drone, marking the first public appearance of this versatile platform. The six-rotor design features an inward-inclined rotor power installation, plug-in arms, and an electromechanical quick-release payload interface, allowing for compatibility with various payload equipment.

The PH-20 showcased at the expo integrated four payloads: a gimbal camera, a throwing device, lighting, and a loudspeaker, enabling a range of capabilities, including visible light monitoring, infrared thermal imaging detection, aerial voice warning, night-time aerial illumination, and material dropping. These features make it particularly well-suited for security monitoring and emergency response applications.

PH-20 at the Drone World Congress 2024

With a maximum payload of 10kg and an empty flight time of over 100 minutes, the PH-20 incorporates multiple emergency protection mechanisms, including low-voltage return, lost-link return, autonomous obstacle avoidance, terrain-following flight, and line-following flight, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

JOUAV's Star Products on Display

JOUAV's renowned CW-15 and CW-30E drones also made their presence known at the Drone World Congress. Backed by years of practical application experience and a reputation for excellence, these drones continue to garner widespread recognition and praise.

CW-15 at the Drone World Congress 2024

CW-30E at the Drone World Congress 2024

JOUAV's cutting-edge technology is poised to revolutionize various sectors, driving the growth of the low-altitude economy and contributing to a future marked by increased safety and efficiency.

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Welcome to our booth at 9th Shenzhen International UAS EXPO 2024, our booth number is 1A17, HALL 1. JOUAV will bring the new generation of JOUAV VOTL Hangar, PH-20, CW-15, CW-30E UAVs and other products to the show. Looking forward to meeting you at the show.
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