Chengdu, China – March 6, 2024 – In a move to support its "Made in Chengdu" initiative, the Chengdu Economic and Information Technology Bureau has awarded the "Chengdu Industrial Excellence Product" designation to JOUAV's CW-15 UAV.

This program recognizes companies like JOUAV who contribute to the city's manufacturing strength by developing innovative, high-quality products. Ultimately, it aims to establish a globally recognized brand that reflects Chengdu's unique identity and manufacturing prowess.

JOUAV's CW-15 Drone Awarded "Chengdu Industrial Excellence"

Celebrating achievement at the Chengdu Industrial Excellence Conference.

The CW-15 UAV embodies the "Made in Chengdu" spirit, standing out for its advanced technology and user-friendly operation. Equipped with features like real-time obstacle avoidance, intelligent terrain following, and wireless data download, it excels in diverse applications across public safety, emergency response, and infrastructure inspection.

JOUAV's CW-15 Drone Awarded "Chengdu Industrial Excellence"

The CW-15 was awarded "Chengdu Industrial Excellence" by the Chengdu Bureau of Economy and Information Technology.

"This recognition is a testament to JOUAV's commitment to innovation and quality, which aligns perfectly with the 'Made in Chengdu' vision," said Ren Bin, Founder, CEO & General Manager for JOUAV. "We are honored to receive this award and look forward to continuing to contribute to the city's manufacturing strength."

As a leading local high-tech company, JOUAV exemplifies the program's ideals. Their years of dedication to developing, producing, and selling industrial drone systems have established them as a leader in technology, product quality, brand reputation, and manufacturing capabilities.

Looking ahead, JOUAV plans to leverage its industry leadership to further drive innovation, strengthen its operational platform, and improve its research, development, production, and service systems. By fostering collaboration and enhancing industry competitiveness, JOUAV aspires to make the industrial UAV industry a new pillar of "Made in Chengdu."

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