The 14th China airshow is held at Zhuhai International Airshow Center from November 8-13. JOUAV brought CW-007 third-generation, CW-15, CW-25E, CW-40, CW-100 second-generation, and other VTOL UAVs and payload systems to the exhibition. At the same time, two multi-rotor drones, PH-25 and PH-X, made their debut at the event.

The biggest highlight of these drones is the newly upgraded JOUAV CW-100 GEN II UAV system. This model has a high-throughput satellite communication system, a self-developed four-stroke gasoline/heavy oil aero engine, an anti-jamming Navigation module, data link hardware encryption, a domestic autonomous controllable avionics system, and refrigerated infrared photoelectric load. It can take off and land on the ship mobile, fly for more than 10 hours, load weight of up to 25kg, widely used in all kinds of scouting, and emergency scenarios.

14th China Airshow

"UAV + Satellite Communication" is an important achievement and development trend of the combination of UAV technology and satellite communication technology. In recent years, the high-throughput communication satellite industry has developed rapidly. With the rapid development of satellite communication technology, mobile communication, space-ground integrated information network, and phased array antenna technology, small and medium-sized satellite UAV systems have gradually entered the practical stage. The system has a wide range of practical value in an emergency, information reporting, remote sensing data collection, and other fields.

 CW-100 GEN II

JOUAV CW-100 UAV second generation

JOUAV CW-100 second-generation UAV has advanced integrated communication capabilities. It can carry a high-throughput phased-array satellite communication terminal system, Mesh wireless ad hoc network communication system, LTE communication base station system, Beidou short message communication system, 5G Network communication system, 100~200km microwave communication system, and other communication data links. Its powerful integrated communication capability can provide users with multiple communication methods in a complex situation, and complete predetermined tasks efficiently and accurately.

In practical applications, the CW-100 system can integrate a high-performance gimbal camera and integrated measurement and control links to achieve search, locking, tracking, and positioning resolution of ground, surface, and air targets. It can meet the requirements of emergency surveillance in a wide range and long distances. It plays important roles in forest and grassland fire early warning, rescue, and other fields.

The UAV can also be equipped with refrigeration-type infrared photoelectric pods, synthetic aperture radar, communications detection, radar surveillance, and jamming, and other diversified mission sensors to meet the operational needs of industry users.

JOUAV Drones in the China Airshow

With the synergistic development of UAV and satellite communication technology, the emergency small and medium-sized Guardian UAVs represented by CW-100 will show great development potential in satellite communication and integrated information networks in heaven and earth, and help the satellite communication ecosystem to flourish.

"As a new pillar industry, we should always adhere to the principle of "science and technology is the first productive force, talent is the first resource and innovation is the first driving force." Strive to achieve a high level of scientific and technological self-sufficiency and self-improvement, continuously enhance the ability of independent innovation, and build a brand enterprise with safe and reliable products and international competitive advantages." Said Ren Bin, Chairman of JOUAV, in an interview with the media.

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