Pengzhou, China - February 28, 2024 - JOUAV recently received recognition from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for its contributions to the development of the low-altitude economy.

A delegation led by Mr. Kong Fanwei, Deputy Director General of the Flight Standards Department of CAAC, visited JOUAV's Cifeng Flight Base in Pengzhou City on February 28th.

The delegation was warmly welcomed by Mr. Ren Bin, Founder, CEO & General manager of JOUAV, who introduced the company's development and strategic plans in the field of low-altitude economy.

Delegation of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)

A delegation led by Mr. Kong Fanwei accompanied by Mr. Ren Bin, visited JOUAV's Cifeng Flight Base.

"JOUAV is the first domestic listed company with UAV as its main business, and has already actively participated in the development of low-altitude economy in many aspects," said Ren Bin.

"The company is actively promoting the operational demonstration of low-altitude digital economy, and has worked on the research of key UAV technologies such as low-altitude digital economy, aviation emergency response, and intelligent agriculture, and has formed complete industry solutions."

CCA delegation visits JOUAV's Cifeng Flight Base

JOUAV's technicians were explaining the drone demonstration to Mr. Kong.

Kong expressed his appreciation for JOUAV's achievements and innovation capabilities in the UAV industry. He also commended the company's efforts in safety system construction.

"JOUAV should ensure compliance in UAV design, R&D, and operation while actively promoting technological innovation and business expansion to provide users with better products and services," said Kong Fanwei. "We also hope that JOUAV would work closely with regulators to improve the UAV regulatory system."

Both JOUAV and CAAC acknowledge the importance of aviation safety and technical regulations for the sustainable development of the low-altitude economy.

These regulations are essential for ensuring flight safety, promoting technological innovation, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing the industry's competitiveness.

"CAAC will accelerate the reform of low-altitude airspace and further improve the related system to help the low-altitude economy flourish," stated Kong.

JOUAV is committed to continuous technological innovation and market development. The company plans to further improve the safety and reliability of its industrial UAVs to make significant contributions to the healthy development of the low-altitude economy.

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