"JOUAV unveiled the newly upgraded CW-15 police drone and its first two official muti-rotor drones and showcased many of its CW series UAVs at the 5th China International UAS EXPO 2022, which attract widespread attention."

JOUAV at the 5th China International UAS EXPO 2022

On August 10, the 5th China International UAS EXPO and the 7th Shenzhen International UAV EXPO 2022 were held in Shenzhen, the capital of drones. JOUAV showcased several CW series VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) fixed-wing drones and two multi-rotor drones.

In this congress, JOUAV presented many CW series UAVs such as CW-007D III, CW-15, CW-25E, CW-25H, and CW-30E.

CW-15 police drone was fully upgraded to support different applications

It is worth mentioning that the CW-15 police drone has been newly upgraded and can be equipped with gimbal cameras, shouters, police lights, and other mission payloads simultaneously to support more diverse and more complex operations in the future to enhance the police department's ability to enforce the law.

CW-15 at the 5th China International UAS EXPO 2022

In May of this year, The Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department held the handover ceremony of the two law enforcement boats 0901 and 0902, and the inaugural river cruise activity in Ganjiang. The CW-15D police drone surveillance system was introduced with the boats to help improve the law enforcement capabilities and rescue and relief effectiveness of Jiangxi's public security agencies on the water.

CW-15 at the 5th China International UAS EXPO 2022

CW-25H & CW-30E made their appearances to the public again

In addition, CW-25H hydrogen-powered VTOL fixed-wing UAV, whose endurance is 330 minutes, has also been revealed. Jointly developed by JOUAV and Doosan Innovation, this new-energy drone has undergone two-year extensive technical research, taking the hydrogen-powered VTOL drone from concept exploration and key technology research to the stage of engineering and practicalization.

CW-25H at the 5th China International UAS EXPO 2022

CW-30E, which is suitable for large areas and long-distance video surveillance, has made its appearance to the public again. This drone integrates a Chinese four-stroke electric injection engine, BeiDou differential GPS navigation system, and Chinese independent intellectual property rights avionics system, which has many advantages such as large load capacity, long endurance, long datalink, vertical take-off, and landing, etc.

CW-30E at the 5th China International UAS EXPO 2022

CW-30E has strong stability and reliability in harsh environments and can be used in various applications including search and surveillance, emergency response, link relay, anti-smuggling, security and defense, environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, etc.

A drone ground control vehicle was unveiled

JOUAV drone ground control vehicle was also unveiled in this exhibition. The ground control vehicle integrates a transportation system, comprehensive security system, command and control system, and communication security system. It has the following features:

  • Reasonable layout, easy operation, and fast response
  • 100km long dual-link and phased array guard module
  • Durable and reliable, uninterrupted operation
  • Multiple redundancy, safe operation, and other features

JOUAV ground control vehicle at the 5th China International UAS EXPO 2022

As you can see, JOUAV has showcased so many CW series drones. Meanwhile, JOUAV has developed MG120E, MG150E, MG170E, JoLiDAR-P300, JoLiDAR-LR22S, and other payloads for police security applications, and VCS-100, GCS-102, GCS-303, and other control systems, which could cover multi-scene operational requirements.

The debut of new multi-rotor drones for more industry solutions

In this exhibition, JOUAV announced the two multi-rotor UAVs for the first time, the PH-25 six-rotor drone and PH-X three-rotor drone, which are JOUAV's new explorations in multi-rotor UAVs. These two muti-rotors have the same features of intelligence, platform, and tooling, which can play an important role in various applications, like emergency response, large-scale event security, anti-drug, traffic management, land survey, and power line inspections.

PH-25 at the 5th China International UAS EXPO 2022

Long endurance

Independently developed by JOUAV, PH-25 electric multi-rotor drone adopts a six-rotor design, which has the advantages of large load capacity, long flight time, and high integration of the system. Its excellent shape design can effectively improve the flight time, whose operating time at economic cruising speed is more than 6% higher than that of stationary hovering.

Improved reliability and wind resistance

More specifically, its arm is designed with parachute fold and internal inclination, greatly improving institutional reliability and wind resistance; its avionics system adopts an advanced intelligent flight control system with triple redundant IMU and backup GNSS+COMPASS module to enhance reliability.

High stability and compatibility

PH-25 adopts the L1 adaptive control algorithm, the control accuracy and stability will not be affected by the change in the aircraft's center of gravity and weight. The open interface of payloads is convenient for the integration and installation of multi-mission equipment, which can be compatible with a variety of mission equipment and be easily expanded. The electrical and mechanical connections are well integrated, simple to operate, and reliable to use.

PH-X 3-rotor drone launched as well

Moreover, the fully independently developed PH-X three-rotor drone was also debuted to the public, which drew wide attention and discussion because of its unique airframe layout and powerful performance advantages. Undoubtedly, the launch of the two multi-rotor UAVs has enriched the product lineup of JOUAV and offered more industry solutions to customers.

PH-X at the 5th China International UAS EXPO 2022

Innovative drone technologies help police to fight crime more efficiently

JOUAV has created a new police drone solution in this exhibition. At present, we have successfully built a high-resolution, high-precision, and intelligent aerial security monitoring system, which can quickly provide basic information for public security, border patrol, traffic inspection, and marine surveillance. We are the pioneer in intelligence reconnaissance, event security, river patrol pollution monitoring, illegal behavior surveillance, and other applications.

The 5th China International UAS EXPO 2022

Ben Ren, chairman of JOUAV, said: "We work with local public security authorities to jointly promote the development and innovation of drone applications in the field of police security and to continuously develop special police drones, thereby helping to improve police effectiveness."

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