CHENGDU, China, April 12, 2024 – JOUAV participated in the 2024 Western Low Altitude Economy Industry Ecological Conference held on April 11th at the Eye of the Sky UAV Test Base in Pengzhou, Sichuan province.

2024 Western Low Altitude Economy Industry Ecological Conference

2024 Western Low Altitude Economy Industry Ecological Conference

The conference was held under the guidance of the Southwest Civil Aviation Administration and the Military-Civil Integration Office of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, and hosted by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Investment Promotion and Pengzhou Municipal People's Government.

At the conference, Ren Bin, Founder, CEO & General Manager of JOUAV, unveiled two innovative low-altitude economic solutions: a low-altitude digital economy solution and a low-altitude logistics solution.

2024 Western Low Altitude Economy Industry Ecological Conference

Ren Bin, founder, CEO & general manager of JOUAV, released low-altitude digital economy solutions at the conference.

Low-Altitude Digital Economy Solution

JOUAV's low-altitude digital economy solution integrates its CW series UAVs with various industries to promote deeper industrial applications.

The solution utilizes a "CW series UAV + JOUAV VTOL hangar + Jocloud" model to enable unattended operation, automatic takeoff and landing, data collection and transmission, and more. This solution applies to major national projects and can be used in national engineering construction, disaster response, land supervision, and other fields.

2024 Western Low Altitude Economy Industry Ecological Conference

Live demonstration of JOUAV's low-altitude digital economy solution.

Low-Altitude Logistics Solution

JOUAV's low-altitude logistics solution combines its advanced unmanned aircraft system with intelligent scheduling technology to optimize logistics processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

The solution utilizes the Submarine Dragon unmanned transport aircraft for intercity, urban, and rural freight logistics, and the PH-20 multi-rotor unmanned aircraft for last-kilometer deliveries. This comprehensive solution improves logistics efficiency, reduces costs, and expands the scope of logistics transportation.

JOUAV's participation in the conference and the unveiling of its innovative solutions highlight the company's commitment to advancing the low-altitude economy industry.

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