Traffic Inspection

Application Overview

Using UAV system can improve the operational monitoring capabilities of the road transportation industry, can enhance the industry’s collaborative law enforcement capabilities and traffic decision-making capabilities, also can strengthen the efficiency of government management services and the application of high-tech innovations. Realize the automatic collection function of inspection data in road maintenance and road administration inspection applications, provide data guarantee for "precise disposal", and establish a daily regular inspection mechanism.

Application Scenarios

Emergency Response

The UAV system can monitor the road traffic, identify and locate the vehicles, and draw a heat map. By carrying out vehicle density monitoring, when the density in the video area continues to increase, it indicates that more vehicles are likely to cause congestion. The on-site situation should be dispatched to quickly resolve road congestion and restore road smoothness.

Daily Patrol

UAV can automatically accomplish mission according to the plan and send the video information to the road command center through the mobile Internet. The road command center can keep track of road traffic and weather conditions in time, and publish the real-time road conditions to the information platform, so as to be able to make response and update the road condition information in a timely manner.

Maintenance Inspection

The "violation" images taken by UAV can be transmitted to the command center platform in real time as an evidence of law enforcement. Through AI algorithms can be used to identify vehicle license plates and notify law enforcement officers to stop the violated vehicles and make the punishment.

Application Cases