5G Networking

Combining innovation, empowering various industries

Provide end-to-end solutions with large bandwidth, low latency, high reliability, and high efficiency for more business scenarios

5G Connected UAV

5G networked drones, replacing the drone's self-built communication link through 5G cellular network, realizing remote control of the aircraft and operation data transmission, widely used in all walks of life.5G large bandwidth, low latency, high reliability + AI + drones are easy to operate, high efficiency, and low cost. It integrates innovation into more business scenarios and provides end-to-end solutions.5G + UAV system products have the advantages of reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and refined operations in industries such as emergency communications, remote sensing mapping, power line inspection, urban security, and environmental monitoring.

5G Connected UAV

JOUAV 5G Networking UAV System

JOUAV CW VTOL UAV system are deeply integrated with China Mobile Habo NO.1 5G communication module , equipped with EO/IR gimbals, RGB camera, LiDAR multiple sensor for the 5G networking UAV (cloud -network-end-application) end to end solution . This solution realize the multiple point, 100% network coverage to remote telemetry UAV system and live video and images streaming to the command headquarter

JOUAV 5G Networking UAV System

Integrated Air-ground Networking

It is an intelligent network system that combines 5G mobile network with cellular network and ground service private network

Based on the 5G mobile cellular networks, innovative combination of artificial intelligence, cloud, patio-temporal database, data mining and analysis, calculation of edge, the key techniques such as the efficient and stable flying low intelligent control management, AI auxiliary flight, video decoding and video stream scheduling, low-level situational awareness, intelligent route planning, such as a core management function

To achieve distributed, flexible deployment, self-healing and cloud-network integration cloud services for uav industry, build an integrated platform with three core capabilities of intelligent flight hub, intelligent internal industry processing and diversified relationship mining, and drive the intelligent collaboration of "cloud-network-end".

Integrated Air-Ground Networking