TC-200 Handheld GCS

TC-200 handheld control terminal is an integrated three-in-one portable operation terminal, connected with GCS1000D through Wi-Fi, which can works as manual remote control, flight measurement and control, task load control and other functions of UAV.

TC-200 features mission payload monitoring and UAV remote control functions. Mission payload monitoring and remote controller functions are switched by mode switch.

The terminal simplifies the deployment process of the ground station system and improves the operational efficiency of the UAV.


Technical Specification

External Dimension
L x W x H: 430*224*100mm
3.0 Kg
Charging Volt/Amp
Charging Time
Built-in Antenna
2.4G high gain antenna
Endurance Under Normal Temp (Gimbal Control Mode)
Endurance Under Normal Temp (UAV Control Mode)
Operating Temp Range
Storage Temp
Optimum Storage Temp
Built-in Tablet PC
Surface Pro7 i5 128GB+128GB/SDM卡
Built-in Lithium Battery
External Stylus
Surface Stylus

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