RedEdge·MX Multispectral Camera

RedEdge·MX Multispectral Camera

Radiometric calibration components included in the $5,500 price of the kit.

Panel is a $500 value. DLS 2 is a $750 value. An over-time analysis is not possible without radiometric calibrantion

Imagery has high spatial resolution

allowing you to see characteristics of the plants more clearly,create better DSMs,enable better classification of pixels,potentially spot variability sooner,and see smaller patches of variability

  • Resolution is 8cm/pixel at 120 meters AGL (400 ft); 4 cm/pixel at 60 meters AGL.
  • Calculate GSD for ciifferent flight altitudes here:

Five narrow spectral bands are captured during flight.

This means that many different plant health indices and composites can be created to give the user a richer analysis of plant conditions. For this reason, many third-party software companies build their analytics off RedEdge-MX data.

Dedicated imager per spectral band.

RedEdge-MX and Altum spectral bands each have their own imager, allovving for more richness of data--all pixels from one imager are dedicated to each individual band. Many competitor sensors share one imager between two or more spectral bands.

Capture plant health images and RGB (color) images in one Right.

Generally, customers want a color image for reference. Red, green and blue spectral bands make a high-quality RGB (color) image possible with RedEdge-MX.After processing, the RGB image is perfectly aligned (down to the pixel) with the vegetation indices, for easier interpretation. Due to the global shutter, a good quality DSM is generated for plant height and terrain modelling.

The blue spectral band

provides value as an additional dataset for index and composite generation. Especially useful for bloom analysis and color differentiation. This makes the RedEdge-MX more versatile than sensors that don't include a blue band.

Global Shutter Imagers

  • More forgiving when it comes to vibration from the aircraft.
  • Imagery is clearer than imagery from rolling shutter imagers.
  • Enables better processing and stitching.


Hardware Value

Low power pull
(4 W average, 8.5 W peak) makes RedEdge-MX easy to integrate on most drones and detracts minimally from the flight time of the drone. This means rnore area covereci between battery changes.
Wide voltage range
(4.0-15.8V) means no BEC converter needed (in most cases) and more versatile for power hookups.
Mounting points
on the aluminum backplate make integration easier. Few competitor sensors have ready-made screw-holes on the camera.
Rugged product
built for operation in the field - from cold to hot days. Operating temperature range is 0-60 °C (32-140 °F). No shutting down in hot weather.

Data Processing

Many options
Some sensors in the market make a certain software a required component of using their camera. On the contrary, RedEdge-MX data can be processed by a handful of different options.
Agisoft Metashape
Pix4Dmapper and Pix4Dfields Simactive Correlator3D
Cloud Processing
Aerobotics Aeroview (Focus On tree fruit and nuts)
PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture (Precision Hawk)
ANALYTICS (Must Upload Processed Geotiff)
Flurosense (focus on gram cr ops)

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