Yajiang County, Sichuan, China -  JOUAV provided immediate aerial support in the fight against a forest fire that erupted in Baizi Village, Yajiang County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province on March 15th, 2024.

Reacting swiftly to the emergency, JOUAV assembled a 10-member rescue team equipped with 3 charging vehicles and its advanced drone technology. This included a CW-80E emergency communication UAS and 2 CW-15D small drones, deployed directly to the fire scene.

CW-15D and CW-80E in Sichuan forest fire response

The CW-80E played a pivotal role in establishing a critical communication network for firefighters on the ground. The drone bridged the communication gap between the frontline and the command center, equipped with cutting-edge features like airborne satellite communication, a PDT trunking base station, and broadband self-organizing network equipment.

CW-80E flying in Sichuan forest fire response

Additionally, the EO/IR dual sensor gimbal camera and real-time transmission oblique camera provided invaluable real-time video feeds, keeping the command center informed of the fire's progression.

JOUAV's CW-15D drones took to the skies, conducting a comprehensive aerial survey of the fire zone. Utilizing both thermal infrared and visible light technology, the drones captured critical data that aided in precise fire point positioning, target locking, and real-time image transmission. This comprehensive aerial view empowered commanders on the ground to make informed decisions and strategize firefighting efforts effectively.

Real-time video in Sichuan forest fire response

JOUAV's swift response and deployment of advanced drone technology significantly enhanced communication and fire scene assessment during the critical initial stages of the blaze.

"At JOUAV, we are committed to utilizing our innovative drone technology to support emergency response efforts and ensure the safety of our communities," said, Ren Bin, Founder, CEO & General manager at JOUAV. "Our rapid deployment in Sichuan demonstrates the potential of drones to save lives and property in times of crisis."

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