Beijing, 29th, June 2022 - JOUAV proudly announces that it has been awarded the esteemed Grand Prize at the 2023 China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA) Science and Technology Award Commendation Ceremony. This prestigious accolade recognizes JOUAV's outstanding contributions to the research project titled "Research, Development, and Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Air Traffic Service System (UTMISS) of the Civil Aviation Administration of China."

The 2022 CTA Science and Technology Award Ceremony

The 2022 China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA) Science and Technology Award Commendation Ceremony

As the UAV industry experiences rapid growth and intensifies its global competition, effective UAV traffic management has become a vital aspect that directly impacts further advancements. The existing traffic management model faces various challenges, including inadequate airspace management, limited situational awareness of UAVs, and a lack of intelligent guidance and control capabilities. These limitations hinder the safe and efficient operation of drones in the airspace. In order to overcome these obstacles and achieve national strategic goals, the urgent development of an intelligent traffic service system has become imperative.

2022 CTA Science and Technology Award Winners

On the list of winners of the 2022 CCTA Science and Technology Awards, the primary contributors marked in red are JOUAV employees.

Supported by national and provincial key projects, the Second Research Institute of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (GACAC) formed a dedicated project team focused on pioneering technologies for UAV intelligent transportation. This collaborative effort led to the successful development of the Civil Aviation Administration of China Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Air Traffic Service System (UTMISS). Serving as a national platform, UTMISS has gained wide adoption and recognition, becoming an international benchmark for UAV traffic management.

The UTMISS project effectively addresses critical issues such as suboptimal UAV airspace management and insufficient guidance and control capabilities. Its groundbreaking achievements were showcased for the first time at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), where China's UAV intelligent traffic solution garnered global acclaim. Moreover, the project team played a leading role in developing China's inaugural International Organization for Standardization (ISO) air traffic management standard for drones, solidifying China's position as a global leader in this field.

2022 CTA Science and Technology Grand Award winners

The 2022 CCTA Science and Technology Grand Award winners

Beyond UTMISS, the project team has successfully developed a comprehensive range of UAV intelligent control platform products and equipment. Notably, the Civil Aviation Administration of China's UTMISS has established a national-level UAV big data collection and control platform. This cutting-edge platform offers real-time monitoring and automatic warning services for approximately 95% of civil UAV flight activities across the country. As a result, it has significantly improved airspace utilization efficiency and unlocked the vast potential of drones. This achievement has not only stimulated growth in the upstream and downstream sectors of the industry, with a market value exceeding 10 billion RMB but has also played a crucial role in driving the widespread adoption of drones and fostering industrial development.

JOUAV remains committed to promoting the sustainable development of the UAV industry. Moving forward, the company will continue to foster collaboration between industry, academia, and research institutions. By continuously enhancing technological expertise and innovation capabilities, JOUAV aims to drive the research and development of key UAV technologies and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Through the provision of intelligent solutions and steadfast support for the low-altitude economy, JOUAV is steadfast in its pursuit of fostering the flourishing development of the UAV industry.

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