NINGXIA-YINCHUAN, Aug. 9 - JOUAV took center stage at the 2023 intelligent Mining & Coal Mining Technology Conference, held from August 7 to 9. The event, hosted by the China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF), served as a dynamic platform for industry leaders and experts worldwide to delve into the future of intelligent mining and coal extraction. JOUAV's significant presence infused fresh dynamism into the evolution of these crucial sectors.

2023 Smart Mining & Coal Mining Conference

A sweeping panoramic view of the 2023 Intelligent Mining & Coal Mining Technology Conference

As a key participant, JOUAV's contributions were nothing short of revolutionary. The company unveiled ingenious innovations and breakthroughs in the realm of intelligent drone technology, imparting an electrifying aura to the conference.

JOUAV took the spotlight by introducing its flagship product, the CW-15 VTOL drone, alongside the cutting-edge JOUAV VTOL hangar system. This innovative drone solution seamlessly integrates diverse UAVs with a mobile ground data collection system, forming a sophisticated web of intelligent data gathering. Capable of efficiently, frequently, and accurately collecting dynamic 3D data within mining regions, this system emerges as a crucial pillar supporting mining and coal production management.

JOUAV's Booth at 2023 Smart Mining & Coal Mining Technology Conference

JOUAV's booth at the Conference was a hub of innovation, attracting attention and sparking discussions on cutting-edge drone solutions for intelligent mining.

Beyond the drone display, JOUAV delved into its strides in intelligent inspection, mapping, and unmanned driving. The Intelligent Inspection System stole the limelight, showcasing its ability to rapidly assess mining facilities through high-resolution imagery and sensor data. This advancement enhances the precision and efficiency of inspections. Meanwhile, JOUAV's intelligent mapping technology extends precise geographic data to mines, bolstering mine planning and resource management.

JOUAV VTOL drone hangar at the 2023 Smart Mining & Coal Mining Technology Conference

JOUAV showcased its innovative VTOL Hangar Model at the Conference, offering a glimpse into the future of intelligent mining solutions.

JOUAV wholeheartedly engaged in comprehensive dialogues on a plethora of topics such as 5G-integrated Smart Mine Design, Practical Smart Coal Mine Applications, and Equipment Condition Monitoring. The company's active participation enriched these discussions with its wealth of experience and insights, contributing to the progressive evolution of industrial intelligence.

CW-15 at the 2023 Smart Mining & Coal Mining Technology Conference

At JOUAV's booth, intrigued attendees gathered as knowledgeable staff animatedly demonstrated the versatile applications of their CW-15 UAV in a coal mine setting.

JOUAV's prominent presence not only underscored its technological supremacy in the UAV realm but also exemplified its resolute commitment to driving intelligent mining and coal extraction. The company's unwavering determination was palpable, aimed at amplifying the transformative potential of these industries. JOUAV remains committed to enhancing innovation by providing advanced and reliable intelligent mining drone solutions. This commitment aligns seamlessly with the industry's ongoing journey towards comprehensive digital transformation.

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