Long endurance battery-operated

Small real-time surveillance system


1)  The UAV can't take off without pre-fly check. According to the prompts from the ground station, the pre-fly check could be completed within 5 minutes.

2) The interface of ground control station software is in English.

3) Maximum control distance ≥50km (under the condition of LOS), 80-100km is optional.

4) With the function of route preview, the altitude difference between flight route and terrain can be displayed to prevent the collision and enhance the flight safety.

5) The auto flight planning function of route patrol is supported. The route information files or data that need to be inspected can be input, and the flight route for patrol can be automatically generated. The mission pod can be guided to automatically monitor the designated route area during flight without manual search.

6) Height protection function: if falling under the preset height, the plane can automatically land to be self-protected.

7) GPS data, coordinates, height, direction, speed, climb rate, engine speed, pitch angle, roll angle and other parameters could be displayed in real-time. The voltage of flight controller, steering gear, and flight battery could be displayed in real-time. Real-time image can be transmitted and displayed.


Cwcommander has powerful setting function and simple operation design, which can easily generate complex flight route tasks (supporting KML file import, which can greatly improve the efficiency of Engineering Surveying and mapping), and greatly improve the efficiency of task execution in the fields of construction industry, precision agriculture, aerial photogrammetry, power inspection, safety monitoring and disaster relief.