CW series VTOL fixed-wing UAV responded quickly to forest fire prevention and extinguishment.

In April, the climate is dry, with more windy weather, and forest fires enter a period of high incidence and proneness. Mountains full of trees may burn when encountering Mars, endangering people's property and lives.

First-hand scientific data

On March 13, a fire broke out in a village in Ningxia, China. At 8 o'clock on March 14, all open flames were extinguished.

On March 14, the drone emergency rescue team of the Ningxia Remote Sensing Surveying and Surveying Institute, a member of the Ningxia Emergency Rescue Technical Service Guarantee Team, went to the scene and used the JOUAV CW series VTOL fixed-wing UAV to efficiently complete the aerial photography mission of the fire scene. A high-resolution fire scene image map was produced to provide first-hand scientific data for accurately studying and judging the fire situation and conducting a disaster damage assessment.

The Remote Sensing Surveying and Mapping Institute of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China were established in 1993. It is a public welfare institution specializing in remote sensing applications and surveying and mapping at the departmental level. It is also the only professional remote sensing application unit in the autonomous region. Mainly engaged in remote sensing technology in a geological survey, survey and ecological survey, surveying and mapping and topographic survey, and provide remote sensing technology support and services for essential and public welfare major planning and decision-making in the autonomous region.

CW series UAV

CW series UAV -forest fire prevention

In times of crisis, the JOUAV CW series VTOL fixed-wing UAV quickly lifted off with a professional aerial camera and carried out aerial emergency operations on the fire scene. The data obtained can be used to compare the fire scene before and after, obtain geographic information, analyze the burned area, the distribution of burned vegetation, and the destruction of wildlife habitats, evaluate the loss, and provide a basis for higher-level decision-making; it can also detect clues, find the cause of the fire, and be the cause of the accident. Make a basis for the investigation.

CW series VTOL fixed wing UAV

CW series VTOL fixed wing UAV

CW series has long endurance and long-range. It is equipped with multiple mission equipment for multiple purposes, which provides data support for on-site fire and rescue work." The on-site staff said. Provide efficient guidance for forest fire fighting. In addition to collecting the fire scene and orthophoto data, the CW series is equipped with a visible/infrared dual-light pod, which can take off quickly and go deep into the fire scene. It can also monitor the fire in real-time and transmit the fire image data to it in real-time. The ground station is transmitted to the sizeable on-site screen, command center, etc., in real-time through a dedicated network to help firefighters study and judge the fire and provide an efficient guarantee for fighting operations. Simultaneously, the command center makes decisions based on the actual fire situation, issues firefighting instructions, and monitors the firefighting and rescue process in the air.



Scientific rescue is urgent. CW series UAV's intelligent high-altitude reconnaissance and forest fire video monitoring system is applied to forest fire prevention. It can conduct regular inspections in areas with flammable risks, make every effort to investigate hidden dangers, and realize early detection and early verification of forest fires. Dispose of it early to effectively prevent large-scale forest fires, minimize fire hazards, ensure people's lives and property and national ecological security, and help improve the emergency rescue capabilities of front-line personnel.