JOUAV CW-15 Drones Help to Keep Power Grids Safe in Central China

Every winter, as the temperature drops and power consumption increases, the load on the transmission line continues to keep increasing.

The power load will reach a peak. At this time, the power system will take a series of measures to prepare for the winter to meet the peak power load.


In the northern part of Xiaogan, Hubei Province, the power transmission channel environment is complicated. To ensure the safe operation of the power transmission channel, the local power supply company uses the JOUAV CW-15 drone to conduct aerial patrols.

"Our transmission lines are located in hilly and mountainous areas. That’s why the channel environment is very complex here. The efficiency of manual inspections is low and not safe. by using drone inspections can improve inspection efficiency and protect inspection personnel Safety.” said the staff of the power supply company.

 triple visible light point cloud

The operation and maintenance staff used JOUAV 15 drone which was equipped with high-resolution aerial cameras to complete the data collection and inspection tasks of 56 kilometers in one flight according to the preset route. Through software processing, more than 2400 high-resolution images collected are processed to generate detailed channel safety hazard reports. Through the analysis report, the members of the operation and maintenance team can quickly locate the hidden troubles and remove them at designated points to ensure the normal operation of the line.

“Using fixed-wing UAVs can accurately and efficiently obtain first-hand information about the operation of the transmission line. it is not restricted by the terrain, it can be widely used in the power grid to prevent mountain fires, ice coating, external damage.” Xu Leping said who is the staff of the power supply company.