Geomatics Business Unit

Through continuous technology innovation, the CW Series aerial surveying system currently has seven flight platforms, with a maximum take-off weight of 6.8Kg to 100Kg, the work time from 1 hour to 8 hours, the mission sensor load ranges from 0.8Kg to 20Kg.

Highly Integrated Aerial Mapping System

Aerial survey payload covers single camera of orthographic imaging, oblique multi-camera system, multi-spectral agricultural remote sensing, long-range high-precision LiDAR system and many other fields. All series of aerial surveying systems are equipped with high-precision IMU and RTK as standard, which can not only provide high-precision location and attitude in real time, but also achieve global freedom from image-control by accessing CORS data.


The CW series VTOL fixed-wing UAVs have been tested by national statutory institution and evaluated by the authoritative organizations. The technical level has been recognized as internationally advanced. The maximum payload of CW series UAV is 20kg, and the longest endurance is 8h.
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Leading the revolution in workflow and efficiency

Every few years, the geospatial industry undergoes a revolution. First, it was total stations, then came GPS, laser scanners. Now, professionals are adding JOUAV surveying drones, which boast quick data collection times, excellent positional accuracy and a safe operator experience.