Power Grid Business Unit

Power lines spanning vast distances are the circulatory system of modern power grids. They present unique maintenance challenges due to their geographical dispersion, as well as their height. Traditionally inspected by helicopter-based methods, they can be more easily and efficiently inspected using JOUAV's Inspection teams equipped with CW series UAVs.

Ower grids routine Inspection


kilometers | 2017-2019

LiDAR Inspection Service


kilometers | 2018-2019

Data efficiency


% | 2017-2019

Safeguarding the operation of power grids

With more than 60 professionals in our sales and service team, the JOUAV® CW series UAVs have served State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and Electric Power Design Institute,etc and flew more than 50,000 kilometers.。

Autonomous Operation

It is easy to reach the area that people can't reach according to the preset route, and adjust the position and height according to the terrain coordinates to complete the inspection.

Equipped with RGB camera, gimbal camera, LiDAR or oblique camera with 5 sensors, we are able to begin aerial inspections mere moments after arriving on site. Capable of capturing 42 megapixel photos and high definition video, the images these cameras capture are detailed enough for fine post-inspection analysis while the live feed will allow operators to see significant problems as they fly.

Professional operation team for the qualified data acquisition and anaysis for the electricity power grid inspection maintenance application.
Duan Xuejun,Power Grid Business Unit President

Meet various needs of inspection missions

CW-007 CW-10 CW-20 CW-30
Routine inspection (orthophoto) v v v v
Tree Barriers Inspection Solution v v v
Real-time surveillance inspection - v - v
LiDAR Inspection Solution - - v
v UAV Platform | - Not Provided


No GCPs,and no need for relay stations to realize the function of large mapping area.


Modular, portable & integrated UAV platform for multiple purposes.


The innovative VTOL layout brings us higher efficiency and stability.


Stable structure, large payload and long endurance UAV platform, diversified mission compartments for choice.


A portable, integrated UAV platform that delivers exceptional reliability to our customers.