Our self-developed AP System series flight control and navigation system provides verification platform for many advanced aerospace vehicles in China. Click the product model below to view more information of the flight control and navigation system. If you have any questions, the JOUAV® certified engineer will customize a solution for you according to your demands.

Any illegal utilization is forbidden as JOUAV® series autopilots are sensitive items. Chengdu JOUAV Automation Tech Co., Ltd will not take any responsibility for any consequences caused by illegal use, nor provide any technical support or promise for any obtaining through irregular channels. We shall not be related to any third party liability by using the products.The direct or indirect application of JOUAV® series autopilots and products will be considered as unconditional acceptance of this statement. If you have any dissent of any clauses, please immediately suspend the usage.

Since from 2010

We have been focusing on the development and integration of flight control and navigation system solutions of civil VTOL fixed wing, flapping wing, helicopter, fixed wing and multi-rotors.We target to provide standard off-the-shelf products and mature solutions for UAS developer, with the ultimate goal of shortening their development period and minimizing R&D risk and system cost.

Flying without Limitations

JOUAV® AP System is a high-integrated UAV avionics system based on MEMS sensor. It integrates flight control and navigation sensor that realizes automatic flight, flight control computer,data link, payload control interface,etc. It can realize instant flight after installation for normal UAV through advanced data fusion algorithm, control and navigation algorithm coordinating with equipment in-the-loop system simulation.

The longest endurance solar UAV in China —— Phantom5

News | 2020-04-22

July of 2017, a long endurance solar Wi-Fi UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) called Phantom5 developed by Team Phantom who come from Northwestern Polytechnical University created a new domestic record of flying 383 mins. Phantom5 took off at 5:04am on Shanbei Plateau and began its journey. After 12hours flight there was a unexpected rainstorm with strong wind over 14m/s came […]

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UAV applied to meteorological sounding

News | 2018-07-26

Compared with the extensive applications of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) in surveying and mapping, environmental investigation and ecological monitoring, UAV in meteorological sounding is still in a blank state, especially in the application of large UAV in meteorology. In May 2018, two large UAVs used autopilot of JOUAV AP-201 carrying dropping sounding system, which was domestic independently developed, were […]

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