PhaseOne Camera

Medium format aerial photography cameras

PhaseOne Camera - Medium Format Aerial Photography Cameras

PhaseOne Industrial Aerial Mapping Camera

Phase One cameras offer reliability and versatility for users full-featured medium format aerial camera, which a breakthrough camera platform created for UAV , ready full control wirless link for defining ISO, shutter speed , aperature, andvanced functionalities, focus distance and upload flight plan

Figure No.7 Phase One Industrial Aerial Mapping Camera

Image of Phase One Industrial Aerial Mapping Camera

2.1.4 DOM Data Set


Specification of Phase One Industrial Aerial Mapping Camera

100 MP (11,608 x 8708)
Dynamic range
>84 db
Aspect ratio
Pixel Size
4.6 micron
Sensor size effective
53.4 x 40.0 mm
Light sensitivity (ISO)
50 - 6400
Camera type
Medium format camera for aerial photography
RS lenses 32 mm to 150 mm
Shutter speed
Leaf shutter: up to 1/2500 second**
Shutter control
1/3 f-stop increments
Synchronization speed in multiple camera configuration
100 microseconds with factory calibrated RS lenses
Capture rate - full resolution frame
0.6 s

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