High integrated and low-cost flight control & navigation system, applied for the micro and small full battery powered fixed wing UAV system.

Integrated professional IMU, magnetic sensor, dynamic and static pressure sensor and GPS module.

Support multiple auto takeoff mode of UAV, such as hand launch, catapult launching, vehicle assistant auto takeoff mode etc.

Support multiple recovery mode of UAV, such as parachute recovery, deep stall recovery and belly landing etc.

With adaptive control algorithm based on total energy, the normal configuration UAVs are ready to fly without parameters adjustments once autopilot installed.

Nonlinear high-accuracy GPS/SINS/AHRS fusion algorithm features the update frequency of 200Hz and automatic switching to AHRS mode smoothly to ensure flight safety in case of GPS loss.

Support customization fail-safe mechanisms request from end user, existing fail-safe mechanism are auto return by lower power, GPS lost, datalink timeout, RC command timeout, over limitation of altitude.

Support SBUS port for manually remote-control UAV.

Built-in 8Mbyte data recorder for 1-2 h flight logging data recording.

Built-in 1W FHSS telemetry radio module with communication range up to 60km.



Update frequency
10Hz,positioning accuracy 2.5m
3 axis gyroscopes
3 axis accelerator
Magnetic sensor
Static pressure sensor
15~115kPa,support 13000m
Dynamic pressure sensor
4kPa,support 280km/h
Integrated data link
Analogue input
1 channel, 12Bit
Communication interface
2channels RS232,1channel SBUS
Built-in data recorder
General I/O
8 channels, equipped PWM/IO/frequency input/output

Eiectric Specs

Power supply
Power consumption

Physical Specs


Operating Environment

Storage temperature
Operating temperature
Storage humidity
5% ~ 95%
Operating humidity
10% ~ 90%

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