Tips for operating CW-30LiDAR

LiDAR is the airborne equipment of great interest to JOUAV customers,

Each debut was highly recognized by the clients.

At the exhibition, there were also many inquiries from customers:

"CW-30LiDAR is easy to operate?"

"How to coordinate and save time when operating in the field?”

"During field operation, how to ensure the cw-30LiDAR equipment is safe and data effective?"

"What are the tips for operating CW-30lidar?"

Today, we have invited engineers from JOUAV JoLiDAR to give a detailed explanation.

Cw-30lidar system, there is no special skill, only need to be familiar with the whole process. In the outfield, it is usually operated by two people.

01 Equipment assembly

In fact, CW-30 is very easy to assemble. Here are some of the "experiences" of CW-30 in the outfield:

Open the flight case and take out the parts of the fuselage

One plane arm for each person, and the left and right wiring installation at the same time, and then install double tail, wings and digital antenna.

It's that simple!

02 LiDAR installation



The camera and GPS are mounted on the LiDAR, and simply place the LiDAR in the cabin and hold it in place.

(note: do not touch the LiDAR laser head glass.)


Finally, we will introduce the notes of fly follow terrain in mountainous area with big altitude difference, which is the most concerned by the customer.




There are two points to pay attention to when planning flight routes in mountainous areas:

Ensure security and data availability

How to ensure security?

The use of CWCommander(JOUAV GCS Software) software for route planning, the selection of route height adaptive, the software will automatically generate route plan of flying follow terrain. After the route is generated, be sure to use the software's built-in offline elevation check function to ensure the route safety.

How to ensure data availability?

When the altitude difference is too big:

  1. Add the flight route of frame, and add the "井" shaped frame route on the original route.
  2. The data quality can be guaranteed by preset the appropriate transmission frequency or changing the transmission frequency according to the actual situation during the flight.

CW-30 LiDAR has a strong ability of vegetation penetration, which is using laser multi-echo technology, it can detect the real terrain under trees and accurately establish the real ground elevation model.

At the same time, it can effectively solve large area complex terrain mapping, acquire laser point cloud and orthophoto image synchronously, quickly generate original point cloud, true color point cloud, high-precision DEM/DSM/DOM/DLG results, laser point cloud data and orthophoto image high-precision registration.