The functions of industrial drones

With the development of science and technology, higher-risk occupations will gradually be replaced by equipment. Industrial drones focus on solving industry problems and improving work efficiency. At present, industrial drones have played a huge role in agricultural plant protection, power line inspections, security inspections, forest fire-prevention, aerial surveying and mapping, police and fire protection, etc. Next, I will explain the role of industrial drones in detail:

1. The role of agricultural plant protection

The field of plant protection UAVs is different from other UAV industry applications. In terms of operating altitude and speed alone, plant protection requires low altitude and low speed and higher requirements for flight stability and high accuracy. Different pesticide varieties, spray concentrations, and technical application parameters must be selected from pesticide application technology according to the different crops. The development of spray nozzles and special aviation chemical solutions are also part of this system.

forest resource surveying

2. The role of power inspection

As we all know, most high-voltage lines usually run in mountainous areas, hills, and other areas where the environment is harsh and difficult to reach by manpower. Manual inspections will inevitably cause problems such as a long time, difficulty to observe details, and dangerous outdoor work. The use of drones will greatly avoid these problems, not only can observe the details that are not easy to find by humans, but also greatly improve the work efficiency and quality.

Through hundreds of successful operations, it has been verified that the aircraft can efficiently inspect high towers in harsh environments, assess equipment status in a timely, comprehensive, and multi-angle manner, find defects and ensure the safe operation of transmission lines.

3. The role of police security

According to statistics, security drones are currently the most widely used in the field. As a professional UAV, the police security UAV can collect field data and quickly transmit it to the command center to track the development trend of the incident for the commander to make judgments and decisions. As a professional UAV, it also has the characteristics of customization. Police UAVs are often equipped with aerial shouting, tear gas delivery, and security monitoring. Today, most cities in the world have begun to use police drones for public security management.

4. The role of emergency rescue and disaster relief

Every year the world, natural disasters, accidents, social security incidents, and other public emergencies cause more than one million casualties and billions of economic losses. UAVs play an important role in handling emergencies and disaster relief and are a modern rescue technology application. In addition, drones are also used to detect, locate and monitor forest fires, and collect information about disasters.

post-disaster emergency mapping

5. The role of aerial surveying and mapping

UAVs play a very important role in surveying and mapping, and they are also the most widely used. Its remote sensing systems are widely used in various types of monitoring. Including national ecological and environmental protection, mineral resources exploration, marine environmental monitoring, national defense, urban planning, and municipal management, etc., there is broad market demand.

Air pollution detection

The above is about the main functions of industrial drones. Of course, industrial drones have slowly penetrated all aspects of people's daily lives in addition to the above functions. Looking to the future, the autonomous capabilities of UAVs will become stronger and stronger to adapt to different tasks and applications. It is believed that the role and value of industrial UAVs will become greater and greater.

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