JOUAV UAV dispatched, emergency surveying and mapping speed up again

"Report! A super typhoon struck Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. The piers of the Qi'ao Bridge were hit by ships, posing safety hazards. At the same time, oil spills from cargo ships caused marine pollution and threatened the surrounding environment and the lives and properties of the people. Immediately start emergency surveying and mapping level II response!"
At 9:00 am on April 28, following the report of this simulated exercise from the command center, the 2021 Guangdong Province emergency surveying and mapping guarantee and safety production exercise kicked off at the Xiangshan Ocean Science and Technology Port in Zhuhai City.


The emergency mapping team of Guangdong Province acted quickly and prepared to go to the accident area. On the big screen of the accusation center, each device is transmitting back the real-time situation of the area around the Qiyao Bridge. The data processors are synchronizing the immediate data processing at the accusation center. The site damage situation, bridge structure, and other information to provide data support for disaster relief decisions.

Emergency surveying and mapping

Emergency surveying and mapping, speed is king

The CW-30LiDAR was dispatched quickly, and pre-flight preparations such as assembly and flight inspection were completed within ten minutes. Three-dimensional laser point cloud data collection was performed on the bridge deck and surroundings.

CW-30LiDAR takes off and starts emergency surveying and mapping operations

During operation, CW-30 is equipped with lidar for real-time point cloud transmission. The JOUAV drone transmits the point cloud image of the disaster area to the command hall for the first time so that emergency surveying and mapping support personnel can understand the disaster and damage situation of the target area from multiple angles, And conduct rescue deployment based on actual conditions further to increase the speed of emergency surveying and mapping.

On-site point cloud real-time transmission
On-site point cloud real-time transmission

After the flight is completed, the 3D laser point cloud data obtained by CW-30LiDAR can clearly understand the bridge deck information and the area information around the bridge, providing efficient data support for disaster risk assessment and auxiliary command decision-making.

Crew downloading data
Crew downloading data

UAV LiDAR point cloud data

UAV LiDAR point cloud data
Point cloud data

The second time that CW-30LiDAR has participated in the emergency surveying and mapping guarantee and safety exercise in Guangdong Province. It has played an essential role in the basic surveying and mapping project of Guangdong Province this year, "Coastal Zone Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Engineering Construction."

In the Guangdong Surveying and Mapping Equipment Exhibition held simultaneously, JOUAV brought the CW-15 V2 to this exhibition.

Surveying and Mapping Equipment ExhibitionSurveying and Mapping Equipment Exhibition1

JOUAV CW-15 V2 UAV is newly upgraded regarding flight safety, system reliability, operation convenience, and flight excellence. It is equipped with forward-looking downward-looking millimeter obstacle avoidance radar, downward-looking binocular intelligent obstacle avoidance, and ADS. -B Situational awareness completed the transition from a functional drone to an intelligent drone. At the same time, multiple task module cabins can be configured, and the load can be replaced according to actual needs.

CW-15 is equipped with orthophoto and tilted aerial cameras in the face of emergencies, which can quickly obtain on-site original image data and geographic data; obtain model data of critical regional units; provide authoritative data for later geological disaster monitoring programs. The CW-15 is equipped with a dual-light pod to conduct surveillance on the disaster site and obtain the newest situation of the disaster in real-time.


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