JOUAV participated in the research of the largest amphibious aircraft “AG600”(also called Jiaolong 600) in the world

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On December 24, 2017, “AG600” made its first successful flight in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. The aircraft landed smoothly and flew for 64 minutes. The successful flight fills in the blank in the field of large amphibious aircraft development in China. After “Yun20” and “C919”,the two large aircrafts of China, AG600 adds a new achievement to the history of large aircraft.

China Flight Test Establishment(CFTE) is the only one testing organization for military and civil aircraft, aeroengine, airborne equipment and other aviation products that authorized by national certification in China, as well as a national Flight Test Technology Research Institute and a national "Airworthiness Accreditation Laboratory".

Since 2011, CFTE has cooperated JOUAV to develop the large aircraft. The first one was“Haiou300”aircraft, JOUAV provided autopilot “AP201”to support free flight scale test of Haiou300 model.

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As the most advanced flight control system at that time, AP201 integrated all Haiou300 required functions including inertial navigation, data recorder and other modules. The strong function and continually updating of JOUAV autopilot also maintained the cooperative relationship between CFTE and JOUAV to this day.

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Haiou300, AG600 and C919 were called the three Musketeers in China. With ongoing development of these aircrafts, JOUAV autopilots have developed as well as them, like AG600 was using upgraded autopilots AP202, a professional, high-integrated, high-precision product developed by JOUAV.

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JOUAV AP202 is a precision sensor with fast CPU processing capacity and abundant interface resource which has higher range and precision than ordinary flight control. It provides CFTE a good experimental foundation of various large fixed-wing aircraft contractible-scaled test.

Because the AG600 project involves some confidential pneumatic data, for the national interests security, we’d opened our flight control development environment and ground station development environment which are providing all standard autopilot communication interfaces so that the flight control used in the project can customize the communication protocol.

Additionally, C919, China's first large-scale jet civil aircraft with independent intellectual property rights, flew for the first time at Shanghai Pudong Airport on May 5, 2019. More important is, the contractible-scaled test of C919 also uses JOUAV’s autopilots, AP-202, it’s a historic breakthrough of CFTE and China’s aviation high-end equipment manufacturing industry, which also proves the quality and reliability of ours autopilots.