JOUAV Drones Kept Fighting to Ensure Power Supply in the Beijing Winter Olympics

This year, for the Beijing Winter Olympics, ensuring power supply is a heavy responsibility and a daunting task. All relevant departments of the State Grid Corporation of China have gone all out to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.

From January 16, 2022, to March 13, 2022, JOUAV assisted a provincial power company of the State Grid to efficiently complete the "2022 Beijing Winter Olympics power protection work, and won high praise from customers".

Transmission line channel inspection

JOUAV drone in transmission line channel inspection

Most of the inspection lines are dense channels and the geographical environment is complex. The traditional manual patrol mode is inefficient.CW-15 UAV is equipped with a self-developed dual EO/IR Gimbal Camera and high-definition image transmission equipment. It can achieve 30x optical zoom capability and a 50km high-definition image transmission link. It can conduct a real-time search, identification, lock tracking, positioning, and forensics for targets such as wildfires in power transmission channels. Through real-time inspection, realize rapid response and capture of on-site targets. JOUAV CW-15 UAV has more than 50 inspection operations, with a cumulative flight time of more than 100 hours. It operates throughout the day and night, monitors the operation status of transmission lines, and achieves full coverage of the lines.

"Using JOUAV drones to inspect dense passages effectively improves operational efficiency, ensures personnel safety, and can visualize the entire passageway. It ensures the safety of urban power supply during events and meetings.”The State Grid staff who participated in this task spoke highly of it.

Keeping maintaining power supply

JOUAV drone in the task

The entire task spans a long time. JOUAV technicians and grid staff worked together to overcome the high-intensity workload, continuously for several months, day and night, and completed the tasks of ensuring power supply with quality and quantity.

During the mission, it was winter, and the cold working environment brought challenges to equipment and operators, "JOUAV's technicians helped us in the power protection work, and they were not afraid of hardship and supported us to complete the task successfully."

JOUAV UAV has the characteristics of good stability, wide-coverage, high efficiency, and multiple application loads in the inspection of transmission channels, which adds security to the safe operation of transmission lines.

From the Beijing Winter Olympics to the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, the grid employees have made every effort to ensure the safe and stable operation of the transmission lines under their jurisdiction.

Intelligent inspection technology iteration

details of JOUAV CW-15

With the iterative update of the technology, the power inspection method is also slowly changing.JOUAV cooperates closely with the electric power department to continuously improve the application scenarios of UAV intelligent inspection and contributes JOUAV strength to the electric power industry.