JOUAV CW-15 Version2, the future of industrial UAV

Introducing the JOUAV CW-15 Version2

The future of industrial UAV.


CW-15 version 2


This unmanned aircraft is designed to intelligently empower a new generation of professionals.

Reimagine industrial UAV starting from JOUAV.


Powerful whole range active safety technology

+ MMW radar obstacle avoidance for forward and bottom detection

+ Binocular vision sensing

+ ADS-B situational awareness system

+ Point-to-point topographic-match intelligent flight

Aircraft-grade reliability

+ Multi-sensor redundancy

+ Full digital bus avionics technology

Convenience to use

+ Automatic pre-flight check

+ Magnetic compass auto-calibration in the air

+ Active firmware update

+ Wireless network data download


+ JOUAV Eagle Map for Monitoring and surveillance

Superior flight performance

+ Endurance: 180-minute

+ Operation range:180 kilometer

+ Payload:3kg

+ Max. Takeoff Altitude:4500m

+ Ceiling:6500m

+ Temperature:-30℃

+ Heated drainage airspeed tube

+ Intelligent Battery

Open system architecture

+ Support 5G network connect

+ Powerful application processing platform

+ Modular bus SDK development platform

+ Standardized data protocol

+ Support remote data distribution



JOUAV CW-15 version2

The future of unmanned aircraft.