JOUAV CW-10C VTOL fixed-wing UAV free image control operation

"JOUAV CW-10C" completed the internship support task at the Songshan Calibration Field in Dengfeng, Henan Province, and fully demonstrated the convenience of vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing aircraft for hundreds of trainees. The image-free control accuracy of the "JOUAV CW-10C" platform has won unanimous praise from leaders and trainees.

VTOL fixed-wing UAV field operations

In the morning of the same day, the user and his party came to the Songshan calibration field in Dengfeng. At 10:55 in the morning, they began to use the "JOUAV CW-10C" for 1:1000 image-free control aerial survey flight.


"UAV Takeoff Field"
Takeoff field

The project area is a mountainous area with an area of about 12 square kilometers. The day before the flight, the user made a fine field control point and checkpoint layout and set up more than 100 standard checkpoints for accuracy testing.

"Image control points and check points"

"Image control points and check points"
The red paint sprayed in the picture is all standardized image control points and checkpoints, distributed reasonably in the mountains according to the specifications.

During the flight operation that day, the flying altitude was about 700 meters, the course overlap was 75%, and the side overlap was 45%. The operation method of the structured route was adopted.
At 11:39, JOUAV completed the flight and landed steadily into the designated 1 square meter box. During the 44 minutes of the flight, JOUAV obtained a total of 279 photos.

JOUAV CW-10C Office processing

After the job is completed, the user will use the JOUAV POSTec software to perform post-differential analysis to calculate the POS data and input the POS data, 279 original images, and camera parameters (without calibration) corresponding to JOUAV CW-10C for processing.

"UAV flight measurement"

After the final inspection, the user got a checkpoint error of 0.10131m in-plane and 0.08745m in elevation, which complies with GBT 23236-2009 digital aerial photogrammetry aerial triangulation specification.

Image-free control drone system participates in quality inspection verification

In May this year, our company launched a 1:500 free image control UAV system, "JOUAV CW-10C". Also, it showed four user reports provided by four units, such as the second surveying and mapping institute of Zhejiang province, Guizhou province water conservancy and hydropower survey and design research institute, and 2 test reports of Sichuan province surveying and mapping product quality supervision and inspection station.

Both user reports and test reports show the high reliability of the "JOUAV CW-10C" platform

Now, users no longer look at the user report and the inspection report of the quality inspection station, but use the "JOUAV CW-10C" to fly a 1:1000 image-free control aerial survey and participate in the accuracy verification of the "JOUAV CW-10C", and truly feel the image-free control platform. This is an affirmation of the JOUAV platform and also a testament to the credibility of the image-free control aerial survey system under different regions, different mission environments, and various user needs.


Songshan Calibration Field

China (Songshan) Remote Sensing Satellite Calibration Field is my country’s first remote sensing satellite in-orbit calibration of fixed targets. It is mainly used in the on-orbit radiation calibration, dynamic range, dynamic range, resolution, and MTF detection.


On the same day, the FW-100 hand-throwing drone independently developed by the school also carried out aerial survey flights in the project activities, and the results of the data were good.