JoLiDAR 2.0 Version is here!

JOUAV has released a new series of LiDAR 2.0 products, which have been upgraded in five dimensions: team, hardware, software, delivery, and after-sales. The miniaturization and light-weighting have brought different levels of improvement to high-precision surveying and mapping operations.


JOUAV has always attached great importance to the construction and training of talents. Chairman Ren Bin believes that talents are the carrier of technology and products are the performance of technology.

The team responsible for LiDAR system integration, point cloud processing and application research and development belongs to the JOUAV drone aerial remote sensing technology team. This team is composed of more than ten people having master or doctoral degree from Tsinghua University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Southwest Jiaotong University, with a professional background in precision instruments, aerospace, remote sensing mapping, computer and other professional backgrounds and rich work experience.



The upgrade of LiDAR hardware is the focus and highlight of this conference, and it is the concentrated expression of JOUAV's accumulated technology over the past decade.JOUAV has released two new LiDAR scanning systems, namely the JoLiDAR-LR long-range scanning system and the JoLiDAR-Mini scanning system.

JoLiDAR-LR long-range scanning system

System performance is further improved

  • Industrial-grade real-time acquisition system, completely solve the problem of data loss
  • Power consumption is reduced by 13%, and overall product stability is greatly improved
  • Enhanced environmental adaptability, -40 ~ 80 ℃ environment is not a problem

System configuration is more optimized

  • The size is reduced, and the overall weight of the system is 5.8kg, which is 400g less than the previous generation
  • At the same time standard full-frame orthophoto camera, equipped with 21mm Zeiss lens

Extended battery life

  • The new system has a flight time of more than 2 hours, and the operation capability has been greatly improved.

New platform New starting point

  • For the LiDAR scanning system upgraded this time, CW-25 with better performance is recommended as the flight platform. The CW-25 flight platform has pure electric, EFI, electric hybrid, and hydrogen fuel. Three versions of battery power system. All aspects of aerodynamic performance, flight time, power selection, operation and carrying convenience have been upgraded.

New CW-25+JoLiDAR-LR system characteristics

Maximum take-off altitude: 3000 meters

Practical ceiling: 4500 meters

Cruising speed: 23 m/s

Maximum sailing time: 2 hours

Use environment: -30℃~60℃

Safe flight even in light rain


JoLiDAR-Mini scanning system



Brand new appearance and structure

  • Reduced size and weight
  • 120°large field of view, collect more lateral point clouds
  • Enhanced environmental adaptability, -40 ~ 80℃

Comprehensive renewal of system ecology

  • Ultra-compact design
  • Lighter weight and more powerful
  • The overall weight of the system is 2.1kg with a 24 million pixel camera, which has been greatly improved compared with the previous generation version of 2.2kg without camera

Flexible switching to promote the upgrade of operating methods

  • The new generation of JoLiDAR-Mini can be adapted to CW15-Matrix. This is also the new UAV matrix industry solution recently launched by JOUAV. The LiDAR scanning system can be mounted on both fixed-wing and multi-rotor flight platforms, greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of aerial survey operations.



The JOUAV LiDAR system software was upgraded to JoLiDAR5.0, focusing on rapid acquisition of high-precision data.

CWCommander and JoLiDAR 5.0 can realize intercommunication, making the field and internal work more efficient and convenient, and bringing users a better operating experience.

  • Brand new UI, intelligent planning of LiDAR operation routes, simpler use process
  • LiDAR control and status monitoring, point cloud preprocessing speed increased
  • Engineering management, one-click download of data, faster loading of LAS large files
  • In-house processing work flow operation, support more than 3000 kinds of professional-level geospatial coordinate conversion.



In the two major service systems of delivery and after-sales, JOUAV has a large and professional service team to ensure that every customer can receive timely and professional technical support.

  • A professional training team, covering teaching and training of field regulations, routine maintenance, and interior regulations
  • Strong support team with 1000+ hours of flying experience
  • Professional insurance support and perfect maintenance and after-sales service

Compared with the traditional surveying and mapping technology, the UAV Lidar solution can quickly obtain and produce the data of the survey area. At present, the JoLiDAR system has been widely used in surveying and mapping, transportation, electric power, digital cities, high-precision maps, reconnaissance, construction and other fields. The operation area covers Guangdong, Hainan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other regions, involving plains, plateaus, mountains, and valleys.

In recent years, the application of LiDAR scanning systems has become more and more popular. It has been used in basic topographic surveying and mapping, highway design and survey, reservoir construction topographic survey, high-speed rail line planning, emergency disaster survey, power inspection and automatic driving, mine survey and other fields.

With the continuous innovation of technology and the continuous in-depth integration of artificial intelligence, airborne LiDAR will develop in the direction of lightness, miniaturization, intelligence, and multiple platforms.