Intelligent UAV industry application "new development"

On June 10, the "Intelligent UAV Industry Application Development Forum" was grandly held in Tianjin, China. It aims to promote the rapid development of UAV intelligent surveying and mapping and discuss UAVs' status quo and development trends. Deeply excavate the application of UAV remote sensing equipment technology in water conservancy survey, smart city, marine surveying and mapping, land and space planning, etc., and talk about the innovative development of the surveying and mapping industry.

Intelligent UAV Industry Application Development Forum

industrial drones
"Gathering potential to empower, the "new grasp" of industrial drones"


During the 1.0 era of industrial drones, JOUAV solved the problems of the availability and definition of industrial drones by continuously exploring the application scenarios of industrial drones and realized the organic combination of "artificial intelligence + IT + traditional general aviation industry." Gradually incubate and drive the development of upstream and downstream core components, software, services, and data processing.

In 2021, industrial drones start to enter the 2.0 era. The intelligent, platform-oriented, and tool-oriented next-generation industrial UAV, CW-15 V2, integrates forward-looking and down-looking millimeter-wave radar and binocular vision obstacle avoidance system, allowing the reliability of industrial UAV to be further improved. Its all-digital bus avionics technology enables full closed-loop health monitoring and management while relying on technologies such as multi-redundant sensor design, heated drainage type airspeed tube, and intelligent battery low-temperature self-heating the safe flight of the drone even under complicated conditions such as light rain and low temperature.


Full digital bus avionics technology
Full digital bus avionics technology

Over the years, the JOUAV series of UAVs has continued to innovate, gradually transforming industrial UAVs from functional to intelligent. In the UAV, regular inspection, security monitoring, forest fire protection, energy inspection, emergency surveying, and other industries continue to explore application scenarios and improve solutions.

Water environment monitoring
Intelligent drones promote new development of smart water conservancy

Bei Fang Investigation, Design & Research co. Ltd. Has successively undertaken comprehensive water-wading plans and special plans for many provinces, regions, and river basins across the country. It has also undertaken many rare and challenging large-scale cross-basin water diversion projects globally, creating a number of the best in the world and the best in the industry.

JOUAV and Bei Fang
JOUAV CW-100 UAV smart water conservancy system application exploration, extending the application of industrial UAV in water conservancy.

JOUAV and Bei Fang, in in-depth cooperation, opened the JOUAV CW-100 smart water conservancy system application exploration, extending the application of industrial UAV in water conservancy.

New Exploration of UAV Remote Sensing Technology in the Field of Surveying and Mapping
New Exploration of UAV Remote Sensing Technology in the Field of Surveying and Mapping

JOUAV UAV has realized the deep integration of multiple spectral sensors. The system can automatically accurately control the sensors according to the requirements of the route parameters to efficiently and accurately obtain the image data of the region of interest. Effectively solve the application pain points of modern agriculture, forestry inspection, environmental monitoring, and other industries.

At the end of 2018, the success of the first joint test of the CW-30SAR system opened a new era of small UAV SAR systems. This also indicates that in the future, JOUAV drones will play a role that other remote sensing methods cannot play in disaster monitoring, environmental monitoring, ocean monitoring, resource exploration, crop yield estimation, surveying and mapping, and military affairs.

JOUAV industrial drone professional construction solution further promotes and deepens the teaching reform of colleges and universities by sorting out and establishing a perfect theoretical drone curriculum system, supporting and upgrading the construction of industry application training rooms, assisting schools in building drone training bases, encouraging schools and students to undertake commercial projects and participate in industrial applications, and promoting the talent training mode of "school-enterprise co-education and engineering integration" to cultivate high-quality skilled talents with solid theoretical foundation, practical application ability, and good professionalism.

In 2021, JOUAV officially released the CW-15 V2 UAV, announcing that the vertical takeoff and landing(VTOL) fixed-wing UAV, as the standard form of industrial UAV, officially entered the industrial UAV 2.0 era intelligence, platform, and tooling.

JOUAV CW series

The industrial drone 2.0 era must be the era of the platform, the aircraft platform, flight control, and avionics system, ground charge and data processing software should adopt the open system architecture and be able to be developed by industry users to jointly promote the typical large-scale application of industrial drones and thus build the industrial drone industry ecosystem.

JOUAV has established a platform-based mechanism to collaborate with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain based on technology accumulation and strong innovation capabilities. It improves industrial drones' "tool" performance in the application field and reduces the supply and demand sides' transaction costs and friction costs. Cost reduction will further promote the popularization of industrial drones and empower all walks of life.